Biology Club Game Night brings students together

Jacob WaringOnline Editor

 Sociology major Adriana Oquendo, a sophomore, carefully removed a block from a Jenga tower as the Biology Club hosted game night.

The games played that Nov. 14 evening were Jenga, bopit! XT, 5 Second Rule, Hasbro Perfection, Bananagrams and a deck of cards, and were all provided by President of Biology Club, Tracy Lichter, a senior.

Lichter said the Biology Club has social events like game night to connect different biology students together. She said students can come, hang out and meet each other, because a lot of freshmen and seniors do not know each other.

“If they’re both part of the biology club,” she said, “we want to, like, meet each other and then like create new friendships.”

A popular game that was played and enjoyed by many students was 5 Second Rule. The game is played with a tubed timer that gives players exactly five seconds to provide three answers to a question.

An example would be, “Name three celebrities who are bald,” which tripped up biology major Justin Higgins, a senior, who said he ended up forgetting a particular “Star Trek” captain.

“For some reason, I forgot the name Patrick Stewart immediately,” he said. Higgins also said he enjoyed playing 21, a card game where each card has a certain value attached to it and the goal is to get cards strung together to a total of 21, which he said was his favorite of night.

“He just kept getting more aggravated as like just the luck of the draw. Every time I got multiple twenty ones in a row, he got mad,”

Higgins said about his friend who lost a series of games. “He shuffled.”

Game night was not restricted to only biology majors as, Syrenitee Kee, a sophomore, had brought along two friends who said that game night was “a great time to bond” with her friends. The trio played Jenga and Bananagrams while consuming the pizza provided by the club.

Kee said she believes events like game night gives both nonmembers of the club a chance to interact with biology majors while also giving everyone a breather from the daily stressors of college life.

“I think that we should do more events like this just because it’s a good way to bond with not even people that are part of the club,” she said. “We all share a common interest and it’s just fun to be with other people and not have to worry about academics.”

Jenga did provide a platform of bonding, but also cultivated a fierce competitive drive amongst the three friends.

“I wanted to crush the competition,” said Oquendo, who said that her motivation to win was driven due to the friendship she shared with the other women. “I think it’s because I was with friends that I made it more like it was more of a competition for me.”

Oquendo said she was at first hesitant to come to game night because she was concerned it would be biologically-centered games.

“I was kind of scared, [that] I was going to be asked some questions I don’t have the answers to,” said Quendo.

Yet, she came at the key instance and said she holds no regrets in participating in the event. She said she would possibly attend more biology events in the future and would if it was centered around board games again because, as she said, “they’re fun.”

Photo credit: Jacob Waring

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