Smashing pottery pieces different organizations together

Alexandra ScicchitanoOpinions & Features Editor

Pottery Smash, an event hosted by the Anthropology Society and Alpha Phi Delta, lets students pay money to smash pottery so they can in order to relieve some of the stress before finals and raise money for field trips, said Anthony Riccio, president of the Anthropology Society.

“I wanted to put this event on because it is the 25th anniversary year of the Anthropology Society on campus, I also thought it would be a great opportunity to bring an academic club and a Greek letter organization together,” said Riccio, who is also a member of Alpha Phi Delta.

To participate, communication major Thomas Pisano, a junior and member of the club, said it was $3 to “smash any type of pottery you desire.”

“If you want to smash a cow, or a little teacup, you can do so,” he said.

Undecided major Emma Antolini, a freshman participant in the event, said it was a good stress reliever.

“It gets a good little bit of air out,” said Antolini. The cold temperatures on Nov. 13, the day when the event was held, Riccio said, had an impact on the amount of participation.

“We had hoped to do this a month ago, but here we are today,” said Riccio.

To be able to put this
event on, Riccio said the group went “scavenging for a lot of the [pottery]” in Savers, a thrift store.

“We wanted to bring pieces together that we could get a lot of very easily,” he said.

However, the society also used previous pottery from events and the anthropology department, where the department has had “a steady supply of pottery for the last few years,” Riccio said.

“I think [that it’s a stress reliever], but I think that it is just a lot of fun,” said Riccio. “When do you get to break something?”

Breaking things is usually against the rules, he said, so being able to take a hammer to something that shatters was a lot of fun.

“The group has been talking about doing a trip to New York once it is all decorated for the holidays,” said Riccio, “so if we could cover museum admission or bus tickets, or something
like that then it’d be really cool.”

The club has been specifically looking at the Museum of Natural History because it is a big museum and it is all relevant to the topics that everyone who is part of the club is interested in, said Riccio.

“This is my first year here, this is my first club actually that I’m doing,” Pisano said. “This seems to be pretty cool actually, to do something like [Pottery Smash].”

Photo credit: Will Aliou

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