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Pumpkins show student creativity

Jacob Waring – Reporter  Justin Lacarus picked out a pumpkin, grabbed some supplies and doused his pumpkin with spookiness at the Commuter Connection’s pumpkin decorating fall celebration.  Students gathered in the Adanti Student Center on Oct. 8, Lacarus included, and created their own designs with paint and pumkins.  “The majority are the fall colors symbolizing the pumpkin,” said Lacarus, describing his pumpkin. “A little of glitter for the spookiness like red for blood,

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Student involved in alleged shooting incident

Tamonda Griffiths – News Writer On Friday, Sept. 21 the campus police department responded to two individuals that had lost control of their vehicle, went across the road and crashed into a parked car in Lot 10 next to Schwartz Hall, according to university Police Chief Joesph Dooley. He said the two individuals– one student, and one non-student– sustained minor

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New Cat Café encourages adoption

Jacob Waring – Contributor  The bicolor tabby cat’s eyes narrowed and pounced at the makeshift tail teaser cat toy while his playmate, Stella Marguy, giggled with glee. At Mew Haven Cat Café, a brand new establishment located in New Haven, one can enjoy a Matcha Latte while mingling with some feline pals. Marguy and the cat, Lady Bug, will remain close, by way of adoption; owner Angela Pullo said all cats

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Taekwondo community sticks together

Hunter Lyle – Reporter The air in Pelz Gymnasium was hot and stagnant, but that didn’t stop members of the SCSU Taekwondo Club from shouting, punching, and delivering some high-flying kicks.   Taekwondo has become a sport on the global level, and is featured in the summer Olympics. It is also featured at Southern Connecticut State University.   Senior physics major and Taekwondo instructor Paul Nicholas said he has been practicing the

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PEACE discusses Title IX, #MeToo and student rights

Victoria Bresnahan – General Assignment Reporter Jessica Holman, senior student activist, said she believes one goal of the #MeToo movement is to elevate all forms of sexual misconduct that can be experienced by a person. “Sexual violence isn’t something that only effects people of a certain race, or ethnicity, or sexual orientation or age,” said Holman, a panelist. “It is

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