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Students decide on pass fail as semester comes to close

Julia Caruso – Contributor Some students say COVID-19 has caused poor communication between professors and classrooms, leading them to fall behind and be overwhelmed as the work piled up. Just last spring, over 1,300 students withdrew from over 1,800 courses. “As a nursing major, I had to teach and educate myself in all of my classes,” said senior Zoë Stradinger.

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Let’s get “civical”

Anthony Martorano – Contributor With Thanksgiving now behind us, I’m looking forward to the holiday season! This week’s Let’s Get Civical is all about how you can give back to your local community!  To help aide small businesses hurt by the pandemic, the city of New Haven has created an online marketplace featuring over 50 stores. It was made with the hopes that people will think local this coming holiday shopping season. Check out the site here:  Speaking of giving it back, you

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Whose Land Is This?: The Urgency for Diverse Nature Writing In America

Shanti Madison – Contributor It wasn’t by accident that my first literary awakening to nature came from Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Nature. The book advocated for self-reliance away from artificial society and championed the worship of the natural world and all its mysterious splendor. I read this book, emboldened to begin seeing the world as Emerson did. But unlike Emerson, I

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LET’S GET “civical”

Anthony Martorano – Contributor Hello Owls! Here’s a weekly roundup of what’s happened in Connecticut last week and what to look forward to on campus in the coming weeks: Happy holidays girls and boys! Thanksgiving is tomorrow, let this be a civical reminder to social distance and encourage relatives to alter their plans for the greater good. Use it as an opportunity to

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