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A girl’s guide on the telling signs of a man

Natalie Barletta – Special to the Southern News

There are so many articles on the Internet about whether or not someone likes you, flirting, and other things. It can be so confusing that your heads probably spinning and you don’t know which way to turn. As if liking a guy isn’t confusing enough!

Your problems can be solved with one click, thanks to online articles. But even then, that can be confusing, at least when I did it, I found it to be. Here’s some things that I have found to be truthful about what to do when you like a guy, and how to know if the dude actually likes you.


  1. You should probably figure out if he likes you or not. Usually, and I don’t mean to sound completely vague here, it will be pretty easy to tell. If not here’s some clear indicators that he may or may not like you:
  • His pupils dilate when he’s talking to you. Yes, this may be hard to tell, but I think that in due time it will become easier and easier to notice.
  • He compliments you. On anything from your brains, to your looks. It all is a compliment with him. Naturally a cute boy complimenting you would make you smile. Needless to say if he compliments you it’s a very good thing.
  • If he’s nervous around you. This means shuffling around, picking his words very carefully, and basically him acting like a nervous wreck around you. If he’s nervous around you, thus he’s worried about impressing you and trying to be the perfect guy.
  • If he’s reaching out to you via social networking sites, or texting, than that’s a good sign. Bonus points? If he’s random about what he texts you, then he’s looking at any excuse to talk to you. Random or not random.
  • If he’s smiling at you while you guys are talking that’s always a good sign.
  • Apparently, if he mirrors you, he’s into you? I don’t know, I honestly never really noticed this before, but I guess that it’s the case.

There are countless examples, and I can go on forever. However, if he likes you, I think it’s more obvious and that you’ll know that he does. Therefore, if you’re not sure, and my online tips didn’t help you, then you should probably Google it. There’s a ton of articles that explain it better than I do.

2. Okay, so you think he may like you. Try to talk to him. Talking is always good because then you can talk to each other and be friendly. However, ask about him, and his day. Ask about his weekend if it’s an early day in the week. If he’s someone that likes to read or play music ask how’s that going. If you can’t talk to a guy then you’re going to have a problem having a relationship with the guy. Also, I realize that some people have trouble talking to the person that they like. Guys are humans, and we’re human. Notice the similarity? At first, talking to a guy you like won’t be easy, but then in due time, it will get better. Communication is the key to starting to every relationship. So go, talk!

3. Try to get his number! There’s so many tricks of the trade to doing so. I usually give guys my number so that they can text me. That way, they can make the first move and it’s not weird. If they text you right away or a few hours later, then generally they are interested. However, if they text you within a few days later then he’s not interested. That can be a problem.

4. Find ways to hang out. If you’re in the same class, then get together to study. If you’re in the workplace, drive to work together if your car isn’t working. If something that’s interesting to both of you is happening, invite him to it! The point is to try to hang out.

5. Show him what a sweet person you are. Meaning, you’re a nice person (I hope). Let it show. Boys like nice girls.

6. I don’t feel comfortable doing this, but touching his arm or him gently is always a good thing. It’s basically something that you have to be comfortable doing because if you don’t, then you don’t. The bottom line is don’t do something that you feel uncomfortable with. If you do feel comfortable with doing so, then gently brush his arm and shoulder. But, like I said, it’s something that you should be comfortable doing.

7. Lastly, just be you.  Otherwise, that’s not good that he’s likes someone who you’re not. You’re awesome, so let it show.

Liking guys is a tricky matter when everything goes south. We don’t know what to do, because we feel like we’re frozen. However, to all of the girls liking a guy remember one thing. It will be okay. For further research, try Wikihow, which I find to be extremely helpful.


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