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Folio Social Justice Night

Ellie Sherry — Reporter  As November continues, so does social justice month at Southern. In following with the month’s theme, Folio hosted a Social Justice reading night. The first person to speak at Social Justice night was Spanish major Gabriela Vázquez, a senior, who started her painting in January 2019. Her talent took off quickly, and she began to sell

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Folio’s Haunted Halloween

Joe Bulwidas — Contributor With the sound of “Love Potion No. 9” by The Clovers playing in the background, students gathered in the English department’s common room for Folio’s Halloween Reading on Thursday, Oct. 24. “I did a similar literary magazine in high school and I always read at the open mics, so I’m just continuing the tradition,” said biology

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Folio reading welcomes all types of artistic expression

Sydney Peacock — Contributor Kat Schoberle, the art editor of Folio’s literary magazine, describes the Folio community as “open and accepting” and “a judgement free space for all people to share.” After its first initial open mic session during Southern’s “Week of Welcome,” Folio’s second event of the year on Sept. 12 was packed full–the room overflowing with that same

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