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Strings and prose: an SCSU club collaboration

August PelliccioNews Writer

Friday’s acoustic night did not pass without a couple of small hiccups, said Tyler Ferrara and Urfa Kadeer, but generally was a successful way to bring their clubs together.

Ferrara, general manager of WSIN radio station, said the night was a success, and that he was happy to organize a night of performance in concurrence with Southern’s art and literary magazine organization, Folio.

Editor of Folio, Urfa Kadeer, said it was the radio station that initially contacted her club to organize a night together.

“Tyler reached out to me at the beginning of the semester,” said Kadeer, “and we decided it would be cool to do something during the spring.”

She said it was their intention to have the night of music during Southern’s spring week, and it ended up that the event was just the night before the spring concert featuring Jacquees.

This was not the first joint collaboration in Folio’s recent history, according to Kadeer, but the first one with WSIN. She said the club has done events in tandem with English club, Bookmarks, such as creative writing workshops.

Kadeer said Folio hosts poetry readings and “open-mic” nights on the first Friday of every month, so the nature of the event was not out of the ordinary for her club. Those events, she said, include a featured poet, fiction writer and artist, before opening the floor to whomever would like to perform. In that respect, she said Friday was similar, because WSIN and Folio together arranged a list of performers for the first two hours, before allowing students to sign up for open-microphone slots.

The venue chosen was Engleman Hall’s Charles Garner Recital Hall. Kadeer said she did not want to be in the Adanti Student Center Fireplace Lounge, because that is the typical venue for Folio events, and she did not want the joint effort to feel like it was “just Folio.”

Ferrara stepped in to resolve the only logistical issue that the clubs faced that evening, which involved the sound system for their audience.

“We were supposed to have [microphones],” said Kadeer, “but it looks like they didn’t set them up for us, so WSIN is bringing their own equipment.”

Kadeer said the clubs expected more music than poetry on Friday night, which ended up being the case. Most performers walked onto the stage sporting an acoustic guitar, but Samantha Foggle stood out as the sole singer who accompanied herself on the piano.

Stephen Ungvary said his band, Carbon Based, enjoyed the opportunity to share some of their music.

“All of the songs we played were originals,” said Ungvary. “I think it went really well.”

The trio, which consisted of Ungvary, Matt Nilsen and Justin Triscari, sang three songs together, accompanied with guitar by Nilsen and Triscari.

Ferrara said toward the end of the evening, that time was a concern. The show went just up until it’s end time, not a moment earlier, at 9 p.m.

“It was a good time,” said Kadeer, “and I think it will start a good relationship between the two clubs.”

Photo Credit: August Pelliccio

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