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Music Department hosts open mic for students

Lexi White- General Reporter

One of the main things that brings people together is music. That’s why the Music Department hosted an open mic event during the “Week of Welcome!”  

Many musically inclined Owls flew over to Earl Hall on Monday, Jan. 22 to showcase their talents. From the shredding of guitars to the delicate playing of the piano to the angelic vocals, there was not one thing the students did not perform to the fullest. 

Those who attended the open mic were provided with snacks and beverages to indulge in while they watched their peers perform their musical acts. 

“I think it’s really hard to perform in front of people, but one thing about open mics is that everyone is there to be supportive,” Chairman of the Music Department Josh Groffman said. “This year’s event was a bit easier to plan because we had more of a blueprint to follow.”  

A student performs at the Music Department’s open mic in Earl Hall on Monday, Jan. 22. Photo: Lexi White

While the Music Department has hosted this event previously, this year’s turnout saw many new faces. Anthropology major Molly Tripp, a sophomore, just transferred to the university. 

“I am inspired to learn more about music and to be able to put my energy out that way because it’s a good way to express yourself,” Tripp said. “I think this event is a good way to get yourself seen and your voice heard.” 

 Tripp came to this event to support her friend, music major Jocelyn Rich, a junior. 

“I know that this is one of the first few times that Jocelyn is performing in front of people she doesn’t know,” Tripp said. “I know this is such a big step for her, and I’m very proud of her.” 

Jocelyn Rich performed two pieces, one while she played the piano accompaniment, and the other with a backing track. Both these pieces were written by Rich.  

“I came to open mic so I could perform my original pieces and get out of my comfort zone,” Rich said. 

Rich also said that music is a way of coping for her.  

“I would say that music is a type of therapy for me. It gives me a sense of peace and leaves me with the ability to be proud of myself for making something that was once just an idea in my head,” Rich said. 

Rich was not the only musician inclined to create their own pieces at this event. History major Dexter Lourenco, a sophomore, is a member of three different bands in New Haven.  

Lourenco heard about this event through a friend of his and wanted to check out the scene. He was interested in hearing the other talents at the university. 

“I think any event that brings musicians together is great. I think the best way to get better at music is to play with other people,” Lourenco said. 

Lourenco said that music is a very big part of his life.  

“Music consumes a lot of my time and energy, but in a good way,” Lourenco said. 

Overall, the Music Department’s open mic session was a great way for students to get out of their shell, do what they love and perfect their craft. 

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