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Student Opinion: Winter Break is in the air!

Solé Scott – Features Editor

In the midst of finals season, there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel. That bright light, is winter break. With two more weeks left until break, these owls are ready to soar into the holiday season. Whether students are going home or traveling, they are all excited to dive into their own winter traditions and get into the holiday spirit.  

For those who celebrate Christmas, December is a time to deck the halls. Nursing major Tahlia Smith, a freshman, is excited to return home to decorate her house.  

“I’m ready to put up the Christmas tree with my family and hang ornaments,” Smith said.  

Computer science major Leanne Pedroso, a freshman, is a Christmas fanatic.  

“Christmas is my favorite holiday,” Pedroso said. “I remember in the Philippines they have fireworks and we celebrated Nochebuena (Christmas Eve), where we eat when it hits Christmas at 12:00a.m.”  

Pedroso is excited to continue these traditions to her home in CT. 

“When my Filipino family comes over, we celebrate a lot,” Pedroso said. “Kids go around the neighborhood, we give them money.” 

Along with Christmas traditions, being with family ignites the holiday spirit. Sports management major Dashun Johnson a junior said that as a father, he is excited to have bonding time with his one-year-old daughter Ray’lynn.  

“I’m looking forward to spending time with my daughter,” Johnson said. 

Due to being a family person, Johnson said that for the holiday he plans to spend time with his extended family.  

“I’m going to eat with my family who is coming from New York,” Johnson said. 

Many other students are excited to reconnect with families as well. Nursing major Sophie Binezewski, a freshman, said that she has an annual holiday tradition. 

“Every Christmas I go see my grandma and eat dinner with her,” Binezewski said. 

Along with seeing family, some students are ecstatic to leave campus and return home. Nursing major Hayley Kolosky, a freshmen said that she can’t wait to kick back.  

“I’m ready to get away from campus,” Kolosky said. “I’m going to relax and not have to worry about schoolwork.” 

Break is also a good opportunity for students to reset after the fall semester. For students that are returning home for the holiday, this break means celebrating customs and eating mouthwatering meals. 

Nursing major Zoie Matava, a freshman, said that she is looking forward to homecooked meals.   

“I’m looking forward to eating food other than dining hall food,” Matava said. 

With the holidays comes traditions that many families carry out. Matava said that her family’s tradition is different from the conventional Christmas eating style that many families follow. 

“We never eat at the kitchen table,” Matava said. “We eat in the living room and watch TV.  

Apart from the holidays many students have plans for when they go home. Matava plans to make money at her hometown job. 

“I’m going to work at an ice cream shop,” Matava said.  

With the winter spirit, many are wishing for a White Christmas. Nursing major Therese Saldua, a freshman, is hoping to experience snow during break. 

“I want to have a snowball fight and make a snowman,” Saldua said. 

Whether it’s spending time with family members, participating in long time traditions, or simply sleeping-in, these owls are ready for winter break. 

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