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Student with Intellectual Needs: Southern Experience

Haroon Chaudhry—Contributor Millions of people around the world have intellectual disabilities, many of whom are born with it, while others become disabled intellectually during their lifetimes due to accident, infirmity, age and disease. Nobody wishes to be born with the disability, everybody wants to be born healthy. But humans have little control over this even with advances in diagnostic technologies

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Kevin Hart Netflix special is full of heart and some hypocrisy

Jacob Waring—Opinions & Features Editor Kevin Hart: Irresponsible is classic Kevin Hart. Everyone makes jokes about his height, but he is a comedic giant; that is self-evident in his newest Netflix special. His comedic voice is not for everyone, but I do feel as if everyone could walk away with at least a grudging chuckle. A lot of his material,

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One student’s decade long registration journey

Jacob Waring—Opinions & Features Editor I have spent my 20’s pursuing my undergraduate degree, which means I have undergone class registration countless times. My personal experiences have either been horrific or fantastic. Some factors were within my control and some were not. At Southern, I have had zero issues at Southern thus far. It has been the best experience by

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Trump signs seemingly empty freedom of speech executive order

Jacob Waring—Opinions & Features Editor President Trump signed an executive order on March 21 with the intention of protecting the freedom of speech on college campuses. This sounds fantastic, as most would agree that they want their speech protected. It does not matter where you land on the political spectrum, because we all have the right to speak about our

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