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Undeclared label changing to exploratory

Alexandra Scicchitano — Opinions & Features Editor Throughtout my entire Southern career so far, the school has identified people without majors as undeclared. For example, “an undeclared major, Jane Doe, a sophomore said…” The school now has decided to switch the term to exploratory. I believe this is a big transition that holds little to no benefit to Southern students. The

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The cost of back-to-school in college

Nina Bartlomiejczyk — Copy Editor In the beginning of the fall semester, the campus fills with returning students and new Owls alike. However, within the racing minds of students trying to acclimate to their new classes, residences and surroundings, there lies one shared anxiety among all: the cost of back-to- school. Students bemoan the cost of school after tuition increases

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Farewell to the graduating seniors

Journalism taught me more than writing Kevin Crompton—Editor-in-Chief I never thought I would work for a newspaper in any capacity, let alone work my way up to Editor-in-Chief of that very publication. However, it was one of the best decisions and accomplishments during my four years at Southern. Coming to Southern, fresh out of high school I really wasn’t sure what

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Bernie Sanders’ far-fetched free college proposal

J’Mari Hughes—Reporter Feel the Bern, a website run by Bernie Sanders supporters, said the politician in question has proposed bills in hopes of making public colleges and universities free. Sanders, according to the site, believes all students deserve the opportunity to receive affordable, quality education. ‘Sen. Sanders’ College for All Act,’ would provide $47 billion a year and eliminate the

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