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ALEKS, making math harder for students

Sarah Shelton – Features Editor “ALEKS is the worst,” I have said plenty of times during my freshman year here.  “Why? What did he do?” majority of people would ask thinking I was referring to someone actually named “Alex”.  “No, the math program,” I would have to say.  If you have never heard of ALEKS, you are lucky.  ALEKS is a math program the university uses for Math

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Smiling faces to be seen in outdoor classrooms

Madeline S. Scharf – News Editor I do not go outside much. Between my heavy class schedule, the newspaper, and trying to maintain a social life with mostly introverted friends, my time out in the sun is minimal.   This, however, changed when my professor proposed an outdoor class. We would be discussing the same content, taking the same notes, but this time sitting out in the sun instead of

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Lone major: Our metal program rusts away

Ellis McGinley – Managing Editor “You’re a what major?” My neighbor asked, eyebrows shooting up in surprise.   “Metals,” I said. “Like – jewelry? Have you seen the shop in Earl?”   “No,” they said, incredulous like everyone else I ever disclosed my major to.   “I haven’t.” Of course not. I did not know it was there until half-way through freshman year,

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Marajuana not allowed on campus after legalization

Madeline S. Scharf – News Editor As of July 1, in the state of Connecticut, marijuana was legalized for recreational use. This makes CT the 19th state to allow cannabis for recreational use.   I was, personally, unsurprised by this ruling. Taxation of marijuana would bring far more revenue in for the state. This is exactly what has begun to occur with gambling,

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