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Harboring malicious energy leads to increased attacks

Tamonda Griffiths – News Writer This past week adversaries of President Trump – CNN correspondent John Brennan, Hillary Clinton, former President Bill Clinton, former President Barack Obama, and former Vice President Joe Biden, to name few – have received homemade pipe bombs by mail. At 10:52 a.m. on Friday, October 26th a suspect was taken into FBI custody. Naturally, before

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On the way to green: Universities waste paper by design

August Pelliccio – Features and Opinions Editor Paper usage is always a touchy subject. Environmentalists will always vouch to save the trees, and use more sustainable resources. Yet, colleges and universities have always consumed so much paper, that its tough to foresee a paperless university at this point. There have been innovations in my lifetime that seem like they could eliminate

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University emails only effective if students check for them

Haljit Basuljevic – Contributor Campus alerts concerning inclement weather or criminal activity seem to only work if students are willing to devote more time to checking their email, or sign up for Southern Alert, the university’s security system. It does not seem like many students are aware of the latter, which can be found on the university’s website. Southern Alert allows

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Kavanaugh hearing falls short of due process

Isabella Manzo – Contributor In a vote that surprised everyone and absolutely no one at the same time, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in last week after a narrow 50-48 Senate vote. This vote happened amidst allegations that he sexually assaulted Dr. Christine Blasey Ford in the summer of 1982.  Last week, President Trump made a bold claim, stating that under the

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Alternative to cigarettes becoming increasingly popular

Michelle Shnayder – Copy Editor In recent years, a new alternative to cigarettes has flooded the market. Electronic cigarettes
have become the new frontier of the industry, and people are giving up their lighters in exchange for chargers and buttons. The Juul is the most popular of these electronic cigarette alternatives, and as a product, it has grown in popularity at

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Yes, to caffeine

Michelle Shnayder – Copy Editor  From my first tentative sips of my grandmother’s cappuccino foam, coffee has been an integral part of my adolescent and young adult life. Coffee is a representation of adulthood; its fragrant aroma is associated with the taboos and privileges of being a grown-up. Now, being a relatively self-sufficient 20-year-old, my love for caffeinated cups of bliss has manifested

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