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Coronavirus: Should the COVID-19 Response Be Left to the States?

Joseph Vincenzi – Reporter The COVID-19 outbreak has caused the world economy to grind to a halt, people to close their shutters and entire cities to become lifeless. As a result, both the states and the federal government have moved swiftly to combat the spread of the virus. However, necessary action came too late, and the United States now leads the

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Presidential attacks on News Media does harm

Jacob Waring – News Editor President Donald Trump clearly does not like the media. Specifically, the “fake news” media, which seems to be any news agency or publication that disagrees or critiques his talking points.  He has been president for three years. We are all desensitized to his constant attacks on the news media. It has become part of the daily noise of life and as someone who plans to be

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New Animal Crossing game offers an escape

Jacob Waring – News Editor Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the right game to debut during an unprecedented time. It is a game that is structured to give players something to look forward towards beyond the bleak statistical data of COVID-19. Establishes a routine, a sense of normalcy in an era where a pandemic has drastically transformed our way of

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Panic buying and preparing for a pandemic

Izzy Manzo – Photo Editor As COVID-19 leads to campus closures, capping public gatherings at 250 people, and the very real question as to whether or not the United States could experience a mass lockdown. In response, people across the country have taken to “panic buying” to ensure that they would have enough supplies to last the pandemic. On one hand,

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