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The uncertainty of class cancellations

J’Mari Hughes—Reporter Imagine making your schedule, choosing classes each other, memorizing and abiding by  that well-thought-out timetable for the upcoming semester-perfection. Now imagine all that being thrown out the window as a result of class cancellation not perfection. The type of cancellation we typically enjoy is the one where we wake up to a foot of snow and a “University

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Morrill, Earl Hall one of the last few in need of renovations, rebuilding

Jacob Waring-–Opinions & Features Editor When I pass Morrill and Earl Hall I often wonder if those buildings should be renovated or completely rebuilt. They are some of our oldest structures. They do not have the  glamour or the glitz that the Academic Science and Laboratory showcases. I often assume that the facility captures the envious glances of students who

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Students and demonstrators missed the mark on justice

Jacob Waring – Reporter Evangelicals came to visit Southern on Nov. 1, and raised their voices to echoe their interpretation of the gospel. They used strong words against students, to “see the error of their ways” or “suffer eternal damnation.” Student engaged in debate with the Evangelicals asking such questions as why they believe what they believe. Other students took glee

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