Today: Apr 23, 2024

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Moving beyond the dreaded two-year mark

 SAMANTHA MCKELVIE — Staff Writer The two-year mark: a relationship death sentence or a test of real love? According to most testimonials I’ve heard, the two-year mark in a relationship is when

Woke has lost all meaning – OPINION

Ali Fernand – Features Editor If you have been on social media lately, you probably have seen someone complaining about something becoming “woke.” This is a term that has been used for

Resident Parking – OPINION

Sarah Shelton – Photo Editor Walking to class in the rain, darkness and cold weather is something I have to do daily as the university will not let me park in the

Opinion: We need to grow up 

Ali Fernand – Features Editor As I’ve gotten older, I’ve expected my dynamics with people in my life to change. I’m a person who needs direct communication, clear boundaries, and emotional maturity.

Why I deleted Snapchat: OPINION

Ali Fernand – Features Editor After seven years of forehead pictures and black screens with the word “streaks” written on them, I have finally laid my Snapchat account to rest. This was