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Resident Parking – OPINION

Sarah SheltonPhoto Editor

Walking to class in the rain, darkness and cold weather is something I have to do daily as the university will not let me park in the Fitch Street parking garage. 

When it comes to parking at the university, both residents and commuters have problems. 

For commuters, there are specific lots, such as the Brownell Hall parking lot and the lot across from Farnham Hall. 

As a resident, I’m also only allowed to park in certain places. 

According to the Inside Southern website, “All vehicles operated or parked on campus at any time must properly display an SCSU parking decal. Vehicle owners and operators must register their vehicles at the University Police Department.” 

It also states, “Residence hall and commuting students must park their vehicles only in designated lots…Only vehicles with appropriate decals are permitted in these areas.” 

I have a North Campus permit meaning I can park at North Campus, Wintergreen Garage and West Campus garage. However, with all of my classes in Morrill, the best parking for me, when the weather is bad, would be the lot next to the library. As that is staff and faculty only, the next best spot is the Fitch Street garage. I’m not allowed to park there either. 

When I go to work on Mondays in the Student Center for the Southern News, I want to be able to park in the small lot by Schwartz, but it’s only for certain parking permit residents. 

While there should definitely be designated spots for commuters and faculty, how did they decide on these? Farnham students should be able to park across the street for a night if need be instead of forcing Wilkinson and Hickerson residents out of their spots. While I am fine walking from North Campus most days, if it is icy I sometimes so do not want to risk it. I have already been injured on this campus twice. 

Why is my only option besides North Midrise parking the parking garage when faculty, staff, residents, visitors and commuters can all park there? 

I do feel lucky because North’s parking lot is bigger than the other resident lots, but the last time it snowed, I got up early and moved my car to the Wintergreen Garage before it was announced we had to move just to get a spot. With the commuters and staff that were there that day, and residents moving their cars into the garage, it was hard to find a spot later on. They are full. 

Instead of investing in buildings we already have, maybe invest in another parking garage? 

“Do we really need this?” my roommate always says every time we walk past the new school of business. Maybe we can turn that area into more parking opportunities.  

When I’m in the library until 9 p.m., or it starts hailing again, I just want to have the option to park closer, rather than walking all the way down Pine Rock Avenue alone in the dark and the cold, where I literally cross the New Haven line into Hamden. 

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