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Recap of the 65th annual Grammy Awards

Sofia Rositani – Editor-in-Chief

Jaylen Carr Sports Editor

Coming into the 65th Annual Grammy Awards, Beyonce needed four Grammy wins to break the record held by British conductor Georg Solt for most Grammy wins with 31. Her seventh studio album, “Renaissance,” won Best Dance and Electronic Album of the Year and broke the record to secure the 32nd Grammy of her 26-year musical career.  

The pundits can debate all day if Beyonce is overrated, underrated, or just rated, but we can all agree that only a few artists have impacted the music industry, like Queen Bey.  

Her summer hit song, ‘Break My Soul,’ has made some rethink their current occupation and instead chase their true passion. The summer hit fell short of winning Record of the Year because of the amusing and upbeat song called ‘About Damn Time’ by Lizzo.  

Despite the loss, Beyonce won multiple Grammys in the rhythm and blues, R&B category. Beyonce’s ‘Cuff It’ won best R&B song of the year, beating ‘Good Morning Gorgeous’ by Mary J. Blige and many other viable candidates like Jazmine Sullivan and PJ Morton.  

‘Cuff It’ was the best song on “Renaissance” because of its sound and vocals. She stacks her vocals or in other words, includes multiple vocals on one track to give strong harmonies and to make her voice sound full.  

Thanks to the rise of TikTok, songs became a global success instantly, and ‘Cuff It’ was of those successful songs. The recording included an iconic choreography routine that made everyone record themselves grooving to the upbeat tune and then posting it on the platform.  

In the Grammy culminating stages, the Album of the Year went to Pop star Harry Styles for his third studio album, ‘Harry’s House.’ I’m not going to say he did not deserve the award, but his first two albums were better than this one. Nevertheless, Styles’ music is amusing and sounds different than any other pop star that came before him.  

‘As It Was’ was a big radio hit that caught the public’s attention. Styles has vocal skills unmatched in the pop genre and a ‘style’ that makes him unique. He did something very few can, which is to step away from a group or band and become a successful solo artist, and he’s done that so far. 

BTS did not win a single Grammy, I am very upset. This is the third year they have not won a Grammy. This is probably why they did not show up to the awards ceremony. I do not blame them because they have been used each year for views by the Grammy’s each year, last year they performed “Butter” and did not win a single Grammy.  

Last year they were beaten by Doja Cat and SZA for best Group/Duo and this year they were beat by Sam Smith and Kim Petras. Which I find very unfair because neither of them is a duo, they did one song together and that is it.  

“Anyway, we didn’t come to Vegas for the Grammys. We came to Vegas for the ARMYs, okay?” He ensured concertgoers. “The record, the title, the accomplishments, the trophies, they’re really important, but that wasn’t the first thing, the first reason why we started all these things, right?” RM said during their “Permission to Dance” concert last year after they were snubbed again at the Grammys.  

As an Army, BTS fan name, I am highly disappointed that the boys did not win again, they are considered the number one boy band in the world and sell out their concerts and even merchandise and albums, Park Jimin even sold-out Dior, and yet they have not won a single Grammy.  

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