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Missing class should not cause failure: OPINION

Sofia Rositani Editor-in-Chief

As a student who pays money to be going to this university, it is unfair that we can fail a class for missing more than 3 days, some professors making it two days. 

I have a lot of issues that make me miss some of my classes. When I miss some of these classes some professors are very rude and do not understand that a lot of us are either working or have health issues. Another huge issue amongst students is burn out and we are slowly getting to that as the semester progresses.  

“Their findings aligned with the American Psychological Association’s Stress in America study: Gen Z adults ages 18 to 23 reported significantly higher stress levels than other generations. Of the Gen Z adults who said they are in college, 87% said their education was a significant source of stress, and stress is often linked to burnout. The association describes burnout as “physical, emotional, or mental exhaustion accompanied by decreased motivation, lowered performance, and negative attitudes toward oneself and others.” Hirabayashi said it’s often used as a catchall term, but ultimately it means, “the opposite of thriving,” according to hechingerreport.  

Within my group of friends, I have noticed all of us having a higher level of stress due to missing class just because if we do, we could potentially fail.  

It is unfair that this is an issue for many professors because like them we are humans too.  

Commuters have it hard too because some of us live far and if the weather is bad, we cannot get to campus and some professors do not accommodate when that happens. It is very rough because a lot of us work extremely hard, and because we miss some days of class, we may fail; it makes no sense at all.  

A lot of us already have a lot going on at home so when coming to school we should not feel like the weight of the world is on our shoulders over a class that we will probably forget about in the next few years.  

More classes should be offered online synchronous or asynchronous because a lot of us have a hard time coming to class in person, especially late classes.  

I am currently in a long class with zero breaks and it is extremely difficult to get to and from campus because I cannot drive that late so sometimes I have to ask my dad to drop me off, I also have a job that night too so it is a constant struggle of picking between going to work and going to class.  

Students should not feel scared about being late or missing class because we are already stressed out as it is so we should not feel worse about it or ashamed that we missed a class because we have other issues going on in our lives.  

The fear of failing due to missing a few classes should not be something students in higher education should feel.  

My sister got her appendix removed the day after Valentine’s Day causing her to miss a week of classes and the entire time, she was worried about failing because some of her professors gave her a tough time missing classes because she had surgery. Even with a doctor’s note saying she needs to rest, she still worried.  

We should not feel this way if we are sick, we should be able to make up the work and not feel like missing class will be the end of the world for us. It is so tiring because we work so hard to get our degrees only to be told due to missing a class we may fail our class, how is that fair to the paying students in this university who basically sign away our lives to get a piece of paper saying we have a degree that may not even get us a job.  

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