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Editor-in-Chief Jaylen Carr says goodbye

Jaylen Carr – Editor-in-Chief

This is it.  

It has been a great run. I have enjoyed every last second of covering stories, writing, laying out pages, interviewing, talking with staff members and ensuring we put out a newspaper that we can all be proud of.  

First, I want to thank my amazing parents and my supportive four siblings—Gabby, Andrew, Ethan and Zach for being there for me throughout my college journey. Without their love, support and encouragement, I would not be the person I am today.  

I have learned much about my future profession while working at Southern News. I was always eager and willing to learn from my professors and predecessors. 

It seemed like yesterday when I walked into the newsroom on a humid August day last year, not knowing what to expect as the sports editor. Luckily, I was surrounded by three people I instantly became friends with. I thank the “big three”— Sofia Rositani, Sarah Shelton and Ali Fernand.  

The girls and I were all editors last year and grew so close to one another. Sitting beside Shelton every Monday morning, I received my daily dose of Selena Gomez updates and photo suggestions. Rositani taught me everything I know about being editor-in-chief. I learned the ins and outs of the job and how to manage conflict when it arises.  

Fernand, the current managing editor, has always been someone I appreciated and enjoyed being around. She was the Kobe to my Shaq and the Pippen to my Jordan this semester. We were the ultimate one-two punch leading the publication. I was glad to have an experienced and highly talented managing editor who knew what was needed to make everything run smoothly. I will miss those talks between classes in the newsroom and the constant laughter. 

The newsroom was a place of comfort and community. Of course, we had stories to write and assign, but the newsroom was a place for me to be me.  

To my amazing advisors, professors Simoneau and Harris, thank you for all you did for me as a journalism student and as part of the Southern News. Professor Harris, thank you for always being there for advice. Professor Simoneau, thank you for your tough love and support and all you did to make me a better journalist. Thank you for your honesty and encouragement.   

I will miss those Saturday morning phone calls, not saying “hello” and instantly talking about the paper, those weekly meetings and critiquing sessions offering feedback to help us improve. I want to thank professors Gil and Paguaga for always giving their insightful input and support over the last two years.  

To the current staff, I would like to thank each of you for your hard work and commitment to making Southern News what it is. You all have been great to work with and continue to make the publication great in the years to come.   

It has been an incredible ride for me thus far, but it will not stop here, as I hope to fulfill my dream of becoming a sports broadcaster one day. 

Thank you, Southern News.   

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