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Students debate between coffee and energy drinks

Brandon Cortés – General Reporter

In the bustling world of student life, the age-old question persists is it better to rely on the comforting embrace of a cup of coffee or to venture into the exhilarating but sometimes controversial territory of energy drinks? This enduring dilemma has fueled passionate discussions among students, with opinions as diverse as the beverages themselves. 

In the midst of this ongoing conversation, marine biology major Julia Deponte, a junior, advocates for a comprehensive evaluation of both positive and negative outcomes arising from the consumption of coffee and energy drinks.  

“I drink a lot of coffee, but sometimes I feel like it has the opposite effect,” Deponte said. “I want to feel awake, but when I drink coffee, sometimes I feel sleepy.” 

On the flip side, communications major Spencer Lane, a junior, introduced a different dimension to the debate. He said that there is a difference between drinking energy drinks and drinking coffee. 

“Having coffee feels way more chill and natural than slamming down an energy drink from a can,” Lane said. “I don’t drink much coffee either, but when I do, it’s way easier on my system and feels more in control than chugging a Monster or Red Bull.” 

Ty Abdul-Shakoor shares a similar opinion as Lane, stating that many energy drinks have the same flavor, and it is very difficult to distinguish them. 

“Energy drinks suck,” Abdul-Shakoor said. “They all taste the same, and they all have the same bland taste.”  

With an opinion quite opposite to the rest, English major Mikaila Cinelli, a junior, has a positive opinion about coffee. 

“I’ve been sipping on coffee for quite a while, and I gotta say, it’s been a real lifesaver, especially back in high school,” Cinelli said. 

Expanding on her experience, Cinelli highlights the unique variations in individuals’ tolerance levels and stresses the significance of exercising moderation when indulging in these beverages. She points out that many students, much like herself during high school, have integrated coffee into their routines to navigate the challenges of academic life. 

Additionally, Cinelli sheds light on the prevalence of these beverages among students and underscores the need for regular monitoring of their impact on health. This monitoring, she explains, ensures that students can make informed choices about their caffeine consumption, promoting a culture of responsible and mindful use. 

Summing up her viewpoint, Cinelli echoes the sentiment that these beverages have stood the test of time, proving to be valuable aids for students seeking to remain alert and focused throughout their academic endeavors.  

As she reflects on the challenges of academic life, Cinelli emphasized that without the presence of coffee and energy drinks, many students, just like herself in high school, would find it considerably more challenging to meet the demands of their studies. 

“Coffee has always kept me awake, and as we can see, there are many students who depend on it to be able to continue with their long days of study,” Cinelli said. 

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