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The Black community and mental health

Danielle Campbell – Copy Editor The discussion of mental health in the black community is of great importance these days, but a large component of the conversation missing is resources for black men and mental health.    On Wednesday, Sept. 29, University Access Programs and Counseling Programming and Outreach hosted WTF – Why Those Feelings?: Black Men and Mental Health. The event was created based on the music video “Lonely” by rapper DaBaby featuring Lil Wayne, which spoke on the mental health of

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ProCon’s bingo night

Devin Hollister – Contributor Programs Council, ProCon, held their annual bingo night event last Tuesday at 8 p.m., where students took a chance to win prizes. ProCon hosted the bingo night in the Adanti Student Center Ballroom. Information for their Bingo night was posted on ProCon’s official Instagram page. Changes were made to how the game was played. Because of

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Apple Cider and Donuts

Sofia Rositani – Editor-in-Chief Sarah Shelton – Features Editor With Fall arriving, and Homecoming on the horizon, there are many Fall themed events on the path, including Programming Council’s, ProCon, apple cider and donuts event.   This event featured apple cider and donuts, straight from Lyman’s Orchards, to be handed out to students.  Lyman Orchards, located in Middlefield has been around for over 275 years and is a well-known staple in Connecticut.  According to the Lyman Orchards website, “In their wildest dreams,

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Mid-Autumn Festival celebrates the moon

Sofia Rositani – Editor-in-Chief Sarah Shelton – Features Editor Danielle Campbell – Copy Editor Looking at the moon, celebrating with friends and family, and eating mooncakes are important part of a holiday which just passed on Sept. 21. The Mid-Autumn Festival event has been celebrated at the university for 15 years. The coordinator of the Multicultural Center, Dian Brown-Albert, first

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Bisexual Visibility Day

Sarah Shelton – Features Editor Every year on Sept. 23, Bi Visibility day, also known as Bisexual Awareness Day, is observed to recognize the history of bisexuality and to celebrate the bisexual community.   According to the GLAAD website, “Bisexuality is a sexual orientation. Bisexual (commonly abbreviated as “bi”) people have the capacity to form attraction to and/or relationships with people of

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