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First SGA meeting of term

Ethan Sabetta – Contributor On Sept. 10, the Student Government Association (SGA) hosted a weekly body meeting to discuss subjects of interest from all facets of the campus. The meeting began with executive reports, first presented by Association President Sarah Gossman.  Gossman opened with an announcement regarding revisions to the liberal education program. During the revision process, student input is preferred, and Gossman explained how SGA expects to have a large

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School of business has a new dean

Madeline S. Scharf – News Editor The school of business has officially welcomed its new dean, Dr. Jennifer Robin, to the board.   Dr. Jennifer Robin has a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and HR management from the University of Iowa, as well as a PhD in industrial and organizational psychology from the University of Tennessee.  Following former dean Ellen Durnin’s retirement after a decade at the

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STEM career grow; Biopath teaches students

Benjamin Paquette – Contributor As STEM careers continue to grow, demand for job-ready college graduates increased 17%, according to UC Davis. Bridging the gap in education and experience is the STEM Innovation and Leadership Lab located in Jennings Hall.             The Lab has prepared students for their careers in the STEM field through research and internship opportunities. Within the STEM Innovation and Leadership office is Biopath, a

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Flashback: 9/11

Ellis McGinley – Managing Editor 20 years ago, four coordinated terrorist attacks took the lives of thousands on United States soil. On Sept.11, we remember those lost in the incidents which would shape a nation and spark the long war which followed.  In this first edition of our new flashback column, we take this opportunity to look at how the university students covered the

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COVID-19 policy changes

Sarah Shelton – Features Editor Sofia Rositani – Editor-In-Chief COVID-19 policies have become the “new normal:” wearing masks in all indoor areas on campus, one visitor allowed for residential students, and quarantining or self-isolating when coming into contact with someone with COVID-19.   “I can’t speak about the university policies, my area is more about the residence life side of campus and there are quite a

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