Today: Feb 27, 2024

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President Joe finalist at Stockton University

Sofia Rositani – Editor-in-Chief Jaylen Carr – Sports Editor President Joe Bertolino has been picked as a finalist for a job at Stockton University in New Jersey. “I have not been offered

Board of Regents votes to raise tuition

Brianna Wallen- News Editor With a new semester comes time for students to pay their bill. This time around, owls may have noticed an increase in their tuition.   According to NBC Connecticut,

University projects enrollment increase

Jaylen Carr – Editor-in-Chief Jay’Mi Vazquez – News Editor As the university has seen a decrease in enrollment in the last year, administrators are working to increase the number of students next

University Police gives update

Jay’mi Vazquez – News Editor University Police have been investigating the theft of three motor vehicles on campus during the last few weeks.   The recent thefts have taken place in the Wintergreen

IT department offers tips for students

Jaylen Carr – Editor-in-Chief With the recent rise in fraudulent emails to students, University Police and IT suggest that students not give personal information out through email and look for any suspicious

MSA organzies silent protest at Buley

Brandon Cortés – General Reporter Just outside the library, another protest took place to provide support and raise awareness about what is happening between Israel and Palestine on Nov. 29, with 20

Student leaders celebrate luncheon

Braden Saint-Val – News Writer Typically, a resume is looked at for just 30 seconds, so if there is not something that stands out or makes you unique, you could be brushed

Students’ thoughts on final exam week

Jay’Mi Vazquez – News Editor As the university approaches final exams week, levels of stress and anxiety rise among students.  According to a study conducted by MentalHelp in 2016, 89% of college

Students discuss navigating budgeting

Braden Saint-Val – News Writer Budgeting is a crucial skill to learn as a college student, as it helps build decision-making skills and achieve financial and academic goals.  It makes it easier

SAGE celebrates Trans Day of Remembrance

Braden Saint-Val – News Writer As the safe haven for the university’s LGBTQ+ community, the Sexuality and Gender Equality, SAGE Center will observed the Transgender Day of Remembrance by honoring those who