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President Joe finalist at Stockton University

Sofia Rositani – Editor-in-Chief

Jaylen CarrSports Editor

President Joe Bertolino has been picked as a finalist for a job at Stockton University in New Jersey.

“I have not been offered a position. I have no idea if I will be and if I
am what that would mean for me and my family,” Bertolino said.

Bertolino said that the main reason he would take the job if offered is because he has his family in New Jersey and his late mother attended Stockton University.

“I do love Southern, I mean it has been a great experience here, so just the thought of leaving I can’t quite wrap my head around that possibility,” Bertolino said.

He was approached by a search firm in the fall and had no intent of leaving the university. In
the next couple of weeks Bertolino will know if he got the job at Stockton University.

“If this doesn’t work out, I’m here. I’m done, I’m not doing anymore searches,” Bertolino said.

He said it is too early to talk about the impacts of him leaving the university and what will happen.

“If at some point there is a change or something emerges, I will certainly communicate that, and we would talk about what does that mean? What do we need to do? It would not happen immediately anyway,” Bertolino said.

Bertolino was torn when he found out because he loves being at the university, but he also misses being close to his

“I don’t think I ever thought of leaving, quite frankly. But at the same time there is also the excitement of something
different and to be near people that I love,” Bertolino said.

The Chair and Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies, Yi-Chun Lin, has worked with Bertolino for seven years on multiple issues involving Women’s and Gender. She heard about the news about Bertolino job opportunity on Friday,
Feb. 3.
“In a way I was not actually surprised because I have seen a path that academic administrators would take on,” said Lin. “We no longer see Presidents sit the position for 20 years anymore.”

Lin said even though we do not know yet if Bertonlino is leaving she wants the best for Bertolino and for the university.

“His leadership is such we would like him as long as we could,” said Lin. “I have enjoyed surely working with President Joe.”

Kari Swanson, the Chapter President of the Faculty Union said, “As far I am aware he has not been offered or accepted the position. Should he be offered or accepted the position, I would thank him for his years of service at Southern for working with SCSU AAUP and wish him well.”

Swanson said her job is to represent the faculty in any way she can. “That includes for things like contract negotiations, working with administration to solve problems, working with faculty on things like the minority recruitment and retention committee.”

Lin concluded that they will work with him to the best of their ability as long as he is here.


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