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Social justice on college campuses

Melissa Nunez – Opinions and Features Editor When students enter their college years they become synonymous with many things: scholars, critical thinkers, the future. Tacked with these roles, these scholars, these critical thinkers begin to fight for just that, their future and throughout generations many college students have gained notoriety for revolts and campaigns to better their tomorrow. According to

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Students discuss artist Beyonce and the topic of race

Alex Palmieri – General Assignment Reporter There has been a lot of news surrounding Beyonce and race in the past few months. From her Super Bowl performance, to her newest album “Lemonade,” her actions and music videos have created buzz among people, including editor of the U.S. mail online, Piers Morgan. The comments Morgan made were very controversial, saying Beyonce made a

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White Privilege Response: a real matter not “figment of imagination”

Jene Thomas – News Editor  Race is such a controversial talking point because everyone is going to have a different perspective on it. While some claim racism is over and done with, others will argue the complete opposite. Some will argue white privilege is a form of institutionalized racism, because the very building blocks for which society was created was formed by

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Records show SCSU has low minority student enrollment

Andreas Yilma and Katherine Krajcik – Special to the Southern News  Diversity has become an increasing characteristic for university populations in this country referred to as a melting pot. In the fall semester of 2014, out of 10,825 students, only 3,175 of them were considered to be a minority according to the Office of Information Technology. When it comes to the

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Dear White People: a film on identity in contemporary America

Dylan Haviland – General Assignment Reporter  Director Justin Simien’s satirical film, “Dear White People” appeared on the screen of the Adanti Student Center’s theater demanding the attention of the audience.  The young director’s skill and determination to perfect his craft was evident through the film.  “Dear White People” marveled at being a film that performs with high production value without

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