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Democratic Debate divides

Jessica Guerrucci — Managing Editor Three hours, 12 democratic candidates, and issues ranging from healthcare to impeachment – everything unfolded as candidates took the stage in what political science major Emily Bigl, freshman, called a “messy” debate. “Not too much has changed,” said Bigl. “I mean, it kind of went as well as I expected it to. It was a

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Impeachment inquiry on President Trump no surprise

Izzy Manzo — Photo Editor  The impeachment of Donald Trump almost seemed inevitable; despite what he called “the greatest witch hunt in the history of our country” in a rage-fueled tweet on Sept. 30, impeachment has been a plausible outcome before Trump even got the Oval Office seat warm. On Sept. 24, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced a formal impeachment

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College democrats discuss presidential impeachment

Anna De Simone — Contributor U.S. Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s announcement that the House is initiating a formal impeachment into President Donald Trump on Sept. 24, was the leading topic of discussion for the SCSU College Democrats meeting on Wednesday. Graphic design major Justin Gendron, a junior and SCSU College Democrats president, led a discussion on Sept. 25, where members were

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Students should be attentive to 2020 candidates before voting

Jacob Waring—Opinions & Features Editor There are nearly twenty democratic hopefuls hoping to go one on one against President Donald Trump in the 2020 election. It appears that Trump will run unopposed in the Republican primaries. On the Democratic side, there seems to be more Democrats running than there are heads of the mythological, Greek monster Hydra. There are currently

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