Humans of SCSU: Ty Seymour

Josh LaBella General Assignment Reporter

Ty Seymour said he has big plans after he graduates.

A junior majoring in political science and history, Seymour said he plans on going to a law school to get a joint law degree and master’s degree. He said he wants to work in government and international law.

“I would like to work on making treaties and building relationships and international organizations,” said Seymour.

Seymour said he has always been passionate about government and politics. He said the political science department has been very good to him.

“They have such a diverse and extensive experience,” said Seymour. “I like that they incorporate their life into their lessons.”

Seymour said the political science department has helped him with his grades and his extra-curricular activities. He said professor Steven Judd really piqued his interest in Middle East and international relations.

Seymour also said he appreciates the history department.

“They always keep the classes entertaining,” said Seymour. “There are some really amazing teachers in that department.”

As a former swimmer Seymour said you can still find him in the pool quite often and added that he also enjoys playing tennis. He said he loves to travel, especially to Washington D.C. and New York City.

Seymour added that he also finds academics to be fun.

“Honestly, I find academics to be rewarding,” said Seymour. “When I get good grades that is a great feeling.”

Seymour said he is the founder and chairman of Southern’s College Republicans. He said he started the school’s chapter and recently became the chairman of Connecticut College Republicans.

“Basically what we do here on campus is try to get students involved in the political process,” said Seymour.

The school’s chapter works with Southern’s College Democrats to register people to vote. They also help out with local campaigns in New Haven, he said.

“At the state level, we work to raise money to try and help campaigns and issues that we believe in,” said Seymour.

With his new position, Seymour said he had a lot of new responsibilities.

“I am actually a member of the board of Republicans that approve candidates to run for different seats around the state,” said Seymour. “I am engaged with the party at all levels.”

According to Seymour, the Connecticut College Republicans is growing quickly under his leadership.

“We started with eight chapters,” said Seymour. “Now we have 11 chapters with 600 members and we are growing more every month. I believe by the end of the year several other colleges will open chapters of their own, and that is really exciting.”

Seymour said he does not care if college students support his views or policies as long as they are getting involved.

“It really is critical that young people take initiative and get involved with local and state government,” said Seymour. “Everything going on directly affects us as residents of Connecticut. Tuition is on the rise and if we work together we can fight that.”

Seymour’s ultimate goal is to make Connecticut a better state to live in for everybody, saying, “I want to live in a state where there aren’t a lot of roadblocks to making a name for myself.”

Photo Courtesy: Ty Seymour

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