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Acknowledging Republican views on campus

Lynandro Simmons – Managing Editor Entering college as a freshman and being a moderate conservative provided some challenges, said Sarah O’Connor. “It was difficult being on a liberal campus,” said O’Connor, now a sophomore political science major. O’Connor, who is currently the co-chair of the College Republicans, said during the 2016 election she faced some struggling times. Joining the College

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Southern and the Women’s March

Adrianna Rochester – General Assignment Reporter The turn out for the presidential elections caused many Americans to rally together after it became clear the unity President Obama brought to the country during his presidency vanished after the climate of the presidential campaign revealed deep division between the American peoples. In reaction to Donald Trump becoming the 45th president of the

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Student’s take on Trump protests

Jeniece Roman – General Assignment Reporter President-elect Donald J. Trump is something many thought they would never happen, but on Nov. 8 it, rang true. Since Trump was announced as the next president of the United States, anti-Trump protests broke out in multiple cities including Manhattan, Chicago, and New Haven, consisting of thousand of people nation-wide chanting, “Trump is not

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Students discuss artist Beyonce and the topic of race

Alex Palmieri – General Assignment Reporter There has been a lot of news surrounding Beyonce and race in the past few months. From her Super Bowl performance, to her newest album “Lemonade,” her actions and music videos have created buzz among people, including editor of the U.S. mail online, Piers Morgan. The comments Morgan made were very controversial, saying Beyonce made a

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Young adults disconnected from politics

Anisa Jibrell – News Writer As the 2016 presidential election nears, many young adults like Christian Tracey, junior business management major, don’t concern themselves with politics. “I‘m really not interested in any of the candidates this year so it’s just kind of like the lesser of two evils in my opinion when it comes to whoever will get presidency,” said Tracey. “I

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