SPOOF: Donald Trump to speak at 2016 graduation

Alex Palmieri General Assignment Reporter

The American dream is no longer dead, or at least that is what Steve Smith said when he found out Donald Trump will be at SCSU for the commencement speech this spring.

“This is the start of a new beginning,” said Smith, senior physics major. “I am totally ecstatic to see how Trump’s commencement speech will be.”

There is one thing Smith said he likes most, Donald Trump’s speeches. Smith said with Trump being at the commencement speech, it will get all of the SCSU students to believe in themselves to conquer any obstacles in their lives. Smith said Trump has the voice to empower all of the future graduates and would not want anyone else to make the speech.  

“This is an opportunity for all of the SCSU graduates to appreciate Trump’s commencement speech,” said Smith. “All of his speeches are influential; I can only imagine how our future graduates will feel after hearing Trump’s speech.”

Mike Scott, senior sociology major, said he is not too thrilled for Trump’s appearance. There are many things Scott said he does not like about certain people, such as arrogance, pride and superiority. He said all of these attributes contribute to Donald Trump, so he is not happy about the commencement speech.

“Donald Trump is a man I am not excited about seeing,” said Scott. “Though I think he will grab all of the graduate’s attention with his speech, I just think there are better options out there.”

Dwight Miller, senior accounting major, said Donald Trump is a man of his word and is thrilled to see him have the commencement speech for graduates. He said Trump can really make all of the graduates focused as they listen to Trump.

“I’m pretty excited to tell you the truth,” said Miller. “I mean we are having Donald Trump at SCSU. How can you now be happy about this?”

Miller said everyone should be happy about the speech Trump will give. He said it is a once in a lifetime moment so all graduates should embrace the moment because no other school in Connecticut will get a speech from Donald Trump.

“Trump is only here for a couple of hours,” said Miller. “So all students that are graduating should listen closely to what he says.”

Donald Trump, an American businessman and politician, said he wants to inspire everyone at Southern and let them know any dream they have is possible. He said the commencement speech he will give will allow all graduates to accomplish anything possible.

“I know I have what it takes to motivate all of these graduates at SCSU,” said Trump. “This university is going to remember my commencement speech for the rest of their lives.”

Though Trump has seen bigger stages in his career, he said he is excited for this one because every graduate can be as successful as him one day. Trump said as long as people put their minds to things, these graduates can accomplish anything in their lives. He said he wants them to remember one thing; he wants them to remember the last part of his speech.

“I want all of the graduates at SCSU to keep one thing in mind as I near the end of my speech,” said Trump. “I want them to remember April 1. April Fool’s Day.”

Photo Credit: Michael Vadon

This article was apart of the Spoof April Fool’s Series. Story information and sources presented are fictional.

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