Southern’s Spring Week Events

Alex Palmieri – General Assignment Reporter

At the end of every spring semester, Southern hosts Spring Week which consists of an annual series of events that are held throughout the campus.

The events that are being held throughout the weeks include Pi-Hop, Take Back the Night, concerts and more. Students of Southern are intrigued with all of the events that are happening on campus.

Kimberly O’Brien hosted the Pi-Hop on Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. outside of the Buley Library. She said the point of the event was to raise money for the “Make a Wish” foundation in attempt to help those in need.

“We got a lot of places like Denny’s and I-HOP to donate pancakes to us,” said O’Brien. “We also made about 250 pancakes and we are selling all of it to make money to give to the “Make a Wish” foundation.”

O’Brien said she along with all of her sorority was out all day Wednesday in attempt to make money for the foundation. She said that a goal would be to get a couple hundred dollars to donate to the establishment.

“All the money that we make will go directly to them,” said O’Brien. “Hopefully we get around $400. That would be a good objective to reach.”

Tyler Carballo, freshman special education major, attended Take Back the Night. This event was essentially to raise awareness about sexual harassment and domestic violence. He said that it was a very interesting affair.

“I went with a few of my friends,” said Carballo. “It was information that everyone should know. I was happy I went to this event.”

Carballo said though people that hosted the event talked about things he already knows, it can never hurt to raise more awareness to people around the university.

“It was a good experience,” said Carballo. “I had information about a lot of the stuff they talked about. But it is always good to keep all people informed.”

Though Carballo said the people that went gained more knowledge about sexual harassment and domestic violence awareness.

“It is always good to have these kinds of events,” said Carballo. “You can never inform people about too much information. Sexual harassment and domestic violence is no joke.”

Another event during Southern’s spring week includes the Bryson Tiller concert which is sold out. Elanna Sanon, freshman social work major, said she is excited about the Bryson Tiller concert. She said she thinks it will be very successful because he has a lot of new music.

“I listen to Bryson Tiller faithfully,” said Sanon. “My brother is coming here too so it will be a very fun time. I like a lot of his music too.”

Sanon said though it is the only event that she plans on attending during Spring Week, it will be the best event that Southern will be hosting. She added Bryson Tiller is one of the better rappers out right now, so it will be entertaining to see.

“This concert is sold out,” said Sanon. “Bryson Tiller is a very good rapper and I think it will be a very fun time.”

Photo Credit: Staff Photo


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