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Spring week concert allocated additional funds

Victoria Bresnahan—News Editor The Student Government Association voted 15-1 in favor of allocating an additional $15,000 towards the spring week concert fund. The body sent out a four question survey to students last week to discern how students feel about the annual concert. According to SGA President Alexis Zhitomi, they received 1,000 responses in 24 hours. A combined total of

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Need for spring concert debated

Victoria Bresnahan—News Editor Funding for the annual spring week concert is up for debate by the Student Government Association, as well as whether students value the event. “It’s becoming increasingly difficult to get an artist that the students are happy with and recognize,” said Associate Director of Student Involvement Eric LaCharity, at the SGA meeting. This year, finding an artist

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Spring 2016 Concert: Bryson Tiller

Courtney Luciana – Special to the Southern News Students who only knew around three of Bryson Tiller’s songs were the same individuals who sat down at the show on Saturday night, said Rebecca Gaujon, sophomore. Still, she said Bryson Tiller’s performance reflected him as an upcoming of the famous rapper, Drake. “Some people said they would have preferred a more mainstream artist

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Southern’s Spring Week Events

Alex Palmieri – General Assignment Reporter At the end of every spring semester, Southern hosts Spring Week which consists of an annual series of events that are held throughout the campus. The events that are being held throughout the weeks include Pi-Hop, Take Back the Night, concerts and more. Students of Southern are intrigued with all of the events that are happening

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Bryson Tiller Spring Concert: The process of it all

Adrianna Rochester – Special to the Southern News Southern Connecticut State University’s organizations have gone above and beyond to give the students what they want for Spring Week 2016 with the possibility of putting together a media board to interview Bryson Tiller for his performance at SCSU on April 23. Larry Tomascak, programing, marketing and event management director of the John Lyman

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