Spring week concert allocated additional funds

Victoria BresnahanNews Editor

The Student Government Association voted 15-1 in favor of allocating an additional $15,000 towards the spring week concert fund.

The body sent out a four question survey to students last week to discern how students feel about the annual concert.

According to SGA President Alexis Zhitomi, they received 1,000 responses in 24 hours. A combined total of 63 percent of students polled stated they were very likely or likely to attend the spring concert, and 14 percent stated they were very unlikely or unlikely to attend, according to survey results.

In addition, about 80 percent stated they strongly agreed or agreed, and five percent stated they strongly disagree or disagreed, that the concert is important to the university community. “

Looking at the data results, showing that students do care about [the] spring concert— majority in all categories was towards the spring concert,” said Zhitomi, at the meeting. “Whether that’s attending it, friends attending it or if it’s important.”

The funds were requested after two artists—who were priced at the university’s $40,000 budget—in consideration for hiring were unavailable, said Zhitomi

This vote for additional money does not apply to future spring concerts. SGA will be pulling money from their reserves to accommodate the cost, said Zhitomi.

“SGA just has some reserves after year after year,” she said. “It is not something that we really need, because it is the student’s money, so we want to make sure student money is being spent on students.”

Following this year’s concert, Zhitomi said it could be beneficial to conduct focus groups and discussions about the future of the concert.

With this allocation, she said it will be interesting to see if attendance increases at all.

Nick Carbone, a representative-at-large, was the sole member who voted against the allocation of money. He said it is not the body’s best use of their money.

“I just don’t think it’s worth our time at this point because prices for these artists keep rising,” said Carbone. “I would rather devote it towards something–a new tradition we could start.”

As of the SGA meeting last week, the committee was still searching for an artist to perform at this year’s spring concert in late April.

Photo Credit: August Pelliccio

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