Part-time job fair brings opportunities

Mia BonadiesContributor

The Office of Career and Professional Development hosted their first part-time job fair of the semester for perspective students in the Adanti Student Center Ballroom.

The event took place on Thursday, Sept. 12.

The Young Men’s Christian Association or better known as the YMCA, Sherwin Williams, and Scribe America were just a few of the dozen employers looking for students interested in part-time work during the school year.

Students were able to provide businesses with their resumes as an opportunity to meet potential employers.

According to a Georgetown University study, more than 70% of college students hold a job while attending classes.

Kaitlyn Aarons, a freshman collaborative education student attended the job fair in hopes to find a job in her field of study.

“I’m interested in The YMCA table because I want to work in child care,” Aarons said, “Plus, I would like to make some cash.”

The YMCA offers a variety of jobs for students based on what they are interested in. They range from child care, fitness instructors, and life guarding.

Donna DeVito, the Human Resource Director for The YMCA which oversees 14 different locations in Connecticut and Massachusetts. DeVito said that The YMCA employs a lot of part-time work, but there is always the opportunity to have a career with the Y.

“I started my first job as a life guard in high school with the Y,” DeVito said, “And now I run the HR department.”

DeVito graduated with her MBA from Southern and said she knows the high standard the Owls are held to.

“We are really determined and driven, DeVito said, “That’s something that a Southern student will succeed well in, especially working for the YMCA. We have a mission and a purpose and we need people to drive it forward.”

Susan Steiner, district recruiter for Sherwin Williams, believes Southern should continue to host similar events. “It’s a really positive event,” Steiner said, “For Sherwin Williams, we hire a lot of students and these events really get our word out to bring them on board.”

Photo credit: Mia Bonadies

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