People go to extremes in order to lose weight fast and easily

Paige Tillinghast – Special to the Southern News

We’ve all been at the point where we’ve wanted to watch what we eat every once in a while, but has this desire ever gotten so crazy you feel you can’t control it? There’s a big difference between making a new lifestyle choice and wanting to be healthy, and merely just wanting to lose weight as fast as possible.

Throughout the past few decades, women and men have become more obsessed with their appearance and body image. I’m not blaming anyone, but there are many at fault here. Nevertheless, this behavior has resulted in what could be referred to as ‘crazy diets.’ In other words, people are going to the extremes to avoid eating so they can lose weight faster than any healthy weight loss plan.

There are several diets that are in fact good for you, but there are also some very intense ones that shouldn’t be attempted. Such examples would be ‘the tapeworm diet,’ ‘the baby food diet,’ ‘the sleeping beauty diet,’ ‘the chewing diet,’ ‘ear stapling,’ ‘the cotton ball diet,’ etc. These all sound bizarre, I know, but they’re real diets that people use every day. They’re so obsessed with losing pounds that they don’t consider the consequences, or at least don’t care about them.

Numerous diets have negative side effects of varying degrees, some being way worse than others. People who have tapeworms typically aren’t aware, but people who purposefully go on the tapeworm diet knowingly risk the side effects. Some of these risk factors include nausea, infections, diarrhea, headaches, and occasionally blocked organs, which could result in death.

The sleeping beauty diet consists of people sedating themselves so they’ll sleep for days thus not being able to eat. This type of diet can result in headaches and nausea as well. However, starvation and not properly sedating yourself could also lead to death.

The cotton ball diet could result in major digestive problems, while the ear stapling could give the dieter an infection.

With serious diets come serious consequences and risk factors, and dieters should be aware of this. If you’re going to subject yourself to harmful objects then at least know what they are and educate yourself.

With that being said, crazy diets should not be something to mess around with. If you want to lose weight then go about it in a safe and smart manner. You’re taking a huge risk by essentially starving yourself and putting dangerous items inside your body. Instead go with the alternatives and start by changing to a healthier diet and beginning an exercise plan.

You need to figure out what will work best for your own body because everyone is different. Talking to your doctor or physician is a great way to initiate this process. They can tell you what types of vitamins and nutrients your body needs and also give you tips on healthier options to eat. Seeing a personal trainer might also be a great option because they can start you off at a good pace and will know when you’re pushing yourself too far.

All in all, be safe when dieting and remember to be proud of the small accomplishments you make when starting a healthier lifestyle. It’s not a bad thing to go on a diet, but the kind you choose is what’s important in the end.


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