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Living vegan at Southern

Melissa Nunez – Opinions and Features Editor It was after his freshman year that Marcello LaGreca, a senior interdisciplinary major, said he decided to give up on dorm life — given the struggle to find vegetarian-friendly food and the increased cost of living, it made sense to become a commuter. LaGreca, now vegan since late December, said his lifestyle choice stemmed

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How to eat healthy on campus

Dylan Haviland – General Assignment Reporter  The vast amounts of foods available at Connecticut Hall and the Adanti Student Center in Southern Connecticut State University provide a diverse dish of edibles ready for ravenous students.  A typical day at Connecticut Hall include options such as: an omelet station, main entrees that are constantly rotating, a corner brimming with pastries and

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how to eat healthy in college

Jessica Pellegrino – General Assignment Reporter  Between the stress of classes, lack of time, and all of the food options Southern has to offer, students have increasingly become less concerned with their eating habits. Set the scene; you have just pulled an all-nighter writing a paper for a particularly difficult class and you’ve dragged yourself out of bed for your

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