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Student leaders discuss campus involvement

Solé Scott- Features Editor

The university strives for student leaders to get active on campus and make changes that will be for the betterment of future classes. 

The discussion panel was held in the resource room on the second floor of the Adanti Student Center on Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2023, at 6 p.m. The panel of leaders were six students who are currently involved in clubs or organizations. 

International business major Catilina Espanosa, a first year, attended the event with a friend. 

“I wanted to learn more about leadership,” said Espanosa 

The purpose of the event is to encourage more students to join different organizations and answer any lingering questions audience members have about the life of a student leader. 

Nursing major Jesus Jordan, a first year attended the event in support of his peer mentor that was on the panel 

“I wanted to know a lot more of what was going on in our society,” said Jordan. “Basically, I feel like I would see myself being part of a leadership group.” 

Some students are already part of clubs and organizations and just wanted to hear fellow students share their jobs. 

“I’m apart of Olas as a body member,” said Espanosa. 

However, there are students who feel they need more time.  

“I feel like I’m not ready yet, but in the future I will,” said Jordan. 

Denise Bentley-Drobish is the director of student involvement and leadership development 

“The purpose as part of leadership week celebration was to put a panel of seasoned student leaders in front of new students to talk about ways to engage in leadership,” said Drobish. 

It is important to get involved on campus now because of experiences students can add to their resumes. 

“It is supremely important,” said Drobish. “To really do college not only do you have to be in the classroom, but you need to be active in the community.” 

The event had multiple different Pizzas, drinks, and snacks available for students to have while panelists conversed about their roles. 

Student leadership life is possible for those who want to lend their voice for impactful causes whether on or off campus. 

“I definitely want to take on a higher leadership position because the skills will help me, and it will make me a better person,” said Espanosa. 

Prospective student leaders that joined the conversation asked inquisitive questions and wrote notes down in order to store advice that was given. 

The panelists displayed the various clubs and organizations they are a part of. 

For instance, one panelist is a peer mentor and is a research assistant on campus. 

Another panelist is a peer mentor, CASAS (Center for Academic Success and Accessibility Services) tutor for MATH 100P and secretary of Student Government Association. 

“I would just encourage all students to find ways to connect with leadership opportunities to help prepare them for their future,” said Drobish. “Academics help them prepare for their career and leadership skills help them to accelerate within that career.” 

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