DPE raises awareness of social justice to students

Jackson Volenec — Reporter

The Multicultural Center held an informational session regarding the new Diversity Peer Educator volunteer position that is available to students looking to advocate for social justice on campus.

The Diversity Peer Educator position is a new volunteer role available for students, with the main objective is to raise awareness of social justice and fight any injustices they potentially see on campus. This is a role that would allow students to become more unified with their peers and help build a more positive environment for all students and staff.

“Part of our mission at the university is to be an aspiring social justice institution, and I think one of the best folks that we can have to advocate for social justice is our students,” said Dian Brown-Albert, the coordinator of multicultural affairs.

This is the beginning of many different actions to give more exposure to this new volunteer role on campus. There are also going to be more informationals planned later in the semester and will continue to be held in future years as well. Additionally, there will be flyers passed out around campus to give even more information about social justice to students, as well as social justice retreats that students can participate in.

“We have the social justice retreat, where I take students out into the woods, and we talk about hot topics, issues around social justice, like race, class, depression, society in general, and how that impacts us as human beings in general,” she said.

The social justice retreat is on Nov. 8, and will allow students to engage in detailed conversations which will discuss critical topics of society at large, and how social justice affects our community. Brown- Albert said she hopes people interested in becoming a DPE will also attend the retreat, as they will get a clear view on what kind of topics they will be working on as an educator.

Although anyone can participate in raising social justice awareness and making the community a more diverse and welcoming environment, Brown- Albert is looking for someone with high social skills who is not afraid to work with different kinds of people to achieve goals.

“We are looking for someone who is capable of demonstrating communication skills and willingness to work collaboratively with others,” she said.

Some of the responsibilities that becoming a DPE include would be to facilitate
a variety of campus activities that connect to social justice issues. DPEs will collaborate with fellow members of the MCC along with their peers on campus.

Those who are interested in becoming a DPE can contact Brown- Albert and express their interest or go to the Multicultural Center and fill out an application by Nov. 27.

Although the DPE role is currently a non- paid volunteer position, the MCC is trying to eventually make it a paid position, which will further incentivize people to participate and become one.

“Making it so the students would get paid to become an educator would be a really bigmotivator,” said Brown- Albert.

There will continue to be future DPE informationals planned soon, and they are held at the MCC office at the Student Center. Becoming a DPE will be a commitment that would carry into the spring semester and can potentially continue even longer for those who are passionate about social justice.


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