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GEMS, social justice and sustainability forum

Jessica Guerrucci – Managing Editor Social justice and sustainability go hand-in-hand, according to Brandon Wong, a member of the Geography, Environmental and Marine Sciences Club, and it is important for everyone on earth. “Everyone’s thinking about sustainability for the environment, but no one’s thinking about sustainability as thriving and living on earth,” said Wong. Southern held its first Sustainability Town Hall,

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Folio Social Justice Night

Ellie Sherry — Reporter  As November continues, so does social justice month at Southern. In following with the month’s theme, Folio hosted a Social Justice reading night. The first person to speak at Social Justice night was Spanish major Gabriela Vázquez, a senior, who started her painting in January 2019. Her talent took off quickly, and she began to sell

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Diversity Dialogue and social justice values

Jessica Guerrucci — Managing Editor Dignity, respect, kindness, compassion and civility – Southern’s social justice values carried into larger conversation about diversity as a whole that Asma Rahimyar, said helped students find “a common thread.” “You’re at a table with people who come from completely different religions than you do, completely different cultures than you do and completely different sorts

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DPE raises awareness of social justice to students

Jackson Volenec — Reporter The Multicultural Center held an informational session regarding the new Diversity Peer Educator volunteer position that is available to students looking to advocate for social justice on campus. The Diversity Peer Educator position is a new volunteer role available for students, with the main objective is to raise awareness of social justice and fight any injustices they

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Southern is not a true social justice university

Essence Boyd — News Editor For as long as I can remember, Southern has displayed a vision of being a social justice driven university without providing proof. According to the university website, Southern “strives to ensure that all members of the community are treated with dignity, respect, kindness, compassion and civility.” However, besides there being one month out of the

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