Programs Council hosts Student Success BBQ

Erin FoleyContributor

Southern students were able to connect with each other through a barbecue on the Academic Quad. Students who attended the event on Tuesday afternoon from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., said they enjoyed the burgers, hot dogs and cream puffs that were being served. Some even accredited the food as to why they attended.

“Free food always sounds good,” said biology secondary education major, Becky Sabetta, freshman.

Some students, like Sabetta said they came for the free food, but others, like communication major Kayla Light, a sophomore, said she came for a different reason. “I came [to the barbecue] to meet new people, and just have fun with my friends,” Light said. “Southern has helped me become the person that I am today, and definitely guided me in the right direction.”

Other students enjoyed the yard games out on the green, or crafting trail mix bags with representatives from the Academic Success Center to eat on their way to class.

“An event like the barbecue caters to two different components,” said Eric LaCharity, Associate Director at the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership Development. “It’s essentially a time to have fun, but also learn more information about Southern success.”

The barbeque was originally scheduled to happen during the Week of Welcome, but the on-campus success staff said they felt it was imperative that they combine forces to create one master week for students to find resources. This can fall anywhere from getting involved on campus with Programs Council to learning about tutoring at the Academic Success Center.

LaCharity said the collaboration with both organizations was the “best of both worlds”

“Southern helped me find success through help from my classmates and professors,” said recreational therapy major, Rebecca Lee, a senior said.

iHeart Radio with KC101.3 was in attendance as well, giving away prizes to a few lucky students and playing music throughout the event.

LaCharity said he defined the success of the event as “effort into an initiative or program.”

“As long as the effort is there, that’s a win to me,” he said.

Photo credit: Will Aliou



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