‘Pin It Up’ event hosts DIY room decor crafts to kick-off autumn season

Jackson Volenec — Reporter

The Programs Council held an open recreational event at the Adanti Student Center on Tuesday, Oct. 8 that provided food and assorted materials to make “do it yourself” crafts and artwork. There was also a raffle that was available to all students.

“This event is just an event for us to come together and do DIY room decor. As the semester ramps up, people need more stuff to put in their rooms,” said math education major Jonell Lorde, a junior.

As students worked on their DIY projects, several chose to focus on creating room decor. Groups of students at the event were socializing, taking food and enjoying the music provided by the ProCon.

The event lasted from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and provided dozens of students with breakfast foods, snacks and beverages that they stopped to take as they were passing by the event. ProCon said this event is part of a sequence of casual events that aim to provide the students with food and quality time with their peers on campus.

Most of the events occur in October, although there are events later in the semester as well as the spring. ProCon hosts a series of fall events, many of them taking place during the weekdays. Future events include a Jaws themed pool party on Oct. 22, as well as a movie night in collaboration with the Zetas on Oct. 29.

“That’s just for the month of October, there will be more in November, a few in December too,” said Lorde. “Other events include weekend daytrips, such as the Boston trip planned on Nov. 16. This trip is available for any student to sign up at; signups are available in the Student Center.”

The food being served had attracted a large group of students, including psychology major Lauryn Giuliano, a freshman, who ended up staying at the event after originally going to get a quick bite to eat. “I was just here at the [Adanti] Student Center and I knew someone at ProCon who told me about the event,” said Giuliano, “I figured to just grab some food before my next class that’s coming up. I entered the raffle too.”

Certain students who were members of ProCon were also working on their DIY craft projects during the event to demonstrate some potential ideas to the attendees. Psychology major Julianna Santiago, a freshman, was making large letters out of paper and designing them.

“I’m in ProCon and I’m just doing this to show anyone who’s interested how to,” said Santiago, while designing her project simultaneously.

The future events being hosted by ProCon will be similarly casual and social in design, as most of them are meant for students to take advantage of what they have to offer as they pass by, She also said that the events like these are not trying to convince students to join any group, they are simply interested in providing to the student body at Southern.

“This event doesn’t have any larger purpose other than to just be a fun event for students to come by and enjoy,” said Lorde.

Photo Credit: Will Aliou

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