Fashionable Owls: Dressed for comfort and warmth

J’Mari HughesReporter

Sophomore Mia Hall said with, she feels better about herself when she is dressed nicely. To her, it easier to create an outfit when the weather is warm.

Hall said that when she goes to pick out her outfit, she does not wait until the last minute, but instead does it the day before. “I go on Instagram, I follow some pages that post fashion inspiration,” said Hall. “I don’t have the funds for all the things that they post but I look for things that are similar in my closet.”

However, to nursing major Aliyah Moore, winter is the time of the year to break out what she loves to wear like boots, jeans, and sweaters. She said she gets her clothes from Forever 21 and Fashion Nova because they are inexpensive and easily accessible. Rather than travel to the stores in person, she said she chooses to get her clothes online.

Briana Patterson, elementary education major, said while it is easier to shop online, she prefers being able to try her clothes on. “It’s a hassle trying to get your money back. If it’s an item that doesn’t really fit well, I just give it to somebody else because I don’t want to deal with that,” Patterson said.

Patterson, an elementary education major, said she also shops at Fashion Nova, Charlotte Russe and Southern’s bookstore, where she purchased her collection of hoodies.

“What I do,” Patterson said, “is look at the weather and then I think ‘is it going to be cold?’ If so, I’ll grab some Uggs and build the outfit off of that.”

Shoes and pants, to her, help make the perfect outfit. Jewelry, she said, is a necessity no one can go wrong with. Without earrings she said she feels like a “little boy.” Hair is also important when it comes to Patterson’s outfits. She also said that even if an outfit looks good, but the hair looks bad, it is a no from her.

“Cancel the whole outfit,” said La’Elle Riggsbee on a bad hairdo. “Nine times out of 10 I try to look nice and that one other time, I’m sick or I don’t have time and just throw on some sweatpants.”

Riggsbee, a sophomore agreed that earrings can tie an outfit together. She said that when she looks at her clothes for the day, they look just okay until she puts her earrings on.

Because of her size, Riggsbee said she prefers getting her clothes online because they are always available there, whereas in store sales might not have available in all sizes.

Hall and Moore both said that if someone is comfortable in their clothing, it is the perfect outfit. To Hall, physical and mental comfort is important when it comes to clothes.

“If you’re walking around all day in, say, shorts that you’ve never worn before and they’re uncomfortable to you, mentally that could stress you out. If you’re halfway through class thinking that you need to change, it’s not going to make you feel more progressive.”

Photo Credit: J’Mari Hughes

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