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Professors prepare for winter weather

Taylor Nicole Richards – News Writer There has not been nearly as many school cancellations this winter as last winter and spring. For any students who remember, about five monday classes were cancelled, taking out a little over a third of the semester. To students, snow days mean pushed deadlines, more days to study, and sleeping in. Professors, however, do not deal

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Ice and injury at SCSU

Max Bickley – General Assignment Reporter The typical New England Winter consists of three factors which makes it unbearable for most residents of the region: snow, cold and ice. However at the same time, the snow and ice give days off of work and school, and occasionally, if the circumstances are right, a lawsuit. Falling on ice is one of those aspects

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Students prepare for winter weather

Taylor Richards – News Writer Thanks to El Niño, there has hardly been any snow this winter season. Temperatures are finally starting to cool and snow is building up in the near future. Spring semester is synonymous with school closures and snowy roads, and commuters are already preparing for the unpredictable Connecticut winters. “I have an overnight bag in my locker here

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