Buley art gallery to provide new exhibits

Max Bickley – General Assignment Reporter

Just earlier this year SCSU was finally able to hold the grand opening for the new Buley library on campus. As well, students were also able to go to the basement level and explore a new art gallery. Its premier exhibit followed many of the university’s art exhibitions which commemorated the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. However, now that the new semester and school year are upon not only the students, but also the school, it comes about that the Art Gallery lays in wait to be used.

Currently, the art gallery is empty with no signs of any new pieces being installed yet. However, this is not the case as stated by the dean of the art school, Dean Breese.

“The designed gallery space will be developed and used as our permanent University Art Gallery during the coming year. This critical space will be used for decades to come to enhance/vitalize our campus and provide essential learning opportunities for our students.”

The dean went on further to talk about the upcoming role and some of the exhibits that will be shown.

“We have an outstanding art department and a critical/ongoing need for a permanent art gallery on our campus. The space will showcase student and faculty artistic products as well as present touring and special exhibits.”

The gallery itself will be in continual use over the next years showcasing student and faculty art. The chair of the art department, Dr. David Levine, is the decider of what pieces will be shown.

In an interview, Levine broke down the style of art exhibits into five main categories and made comments regarding the place and reason for each of them. The first was art from graduating students.

“Currently, exhibitions of student works are held in an unprotected and undistinguished hallway in Earl Hall,” said Levine. “The new venue will honor student work by providing it a handsome and appropriate setting where it can be comfortably viewed by students, faculty members, and the general public.”

So, not only will student work be shown to the student body, but to any members of the public who go to the library.

The next two categories are works done by individual faculty members and groups who, like students, never had a real place to showcase their work. As well, the gallery will also hold exhibits from artists active in the New Haven area.

“Exceptionally talented artists populate our region. We want to showcase their work on our campus,” said Levine.  ”Doing so will serve the region’s artists and bring our university to the attention of the public at large.”

The last categories are exhibits which will include the SCSU special collections that have not been shown before, such as the Tiffany windows which now are in the library thematic art exhibits. Levine described these exhibits as: “university galleries with the correct security and climate controls that are eligible to ‘lease’ exhibitions of art developed by galleries and museums around the country. We would like to bring some of the most exciting of these to SCSU.”

In closing remarks, Levine summed up not only the purpose, but the mission of the art gallery.

“This Buley art gallery will permit the visual arts to blossom as never before on our campus. We are delighted to have this great opportunity before us.”

Photo Credit: Dylan Haviland – Arts & Entertainment Editor



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