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Art As Sanctuary’ shares an empowering story

Sofia Rositani – Reporter After leaving her country behind to make herself known, Malak Mattar created her art solely off the trauma from her past, as it reflects the struggles the Palestinians face, that is often not seen by the world. Mattar, is a 20-year-old artist, according to the Palestine Museum website, who is “of startling originality from the Gaza

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Caged bird showcases women and perseverance

Jackson Volenec — Reporter Buley Library is hosting an open art exhibit, “When Caged Bird Sings,” that showcases the stories of multiple women who have undergone traumatic experiences but still persevered. “When Caged Birds Sing is an exhibition that sheds light on human rights violations affecting women around the world,” said Sabrina St. Juste, a VPAS graduate intern. “It honors the

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Art crawl opens as precursor to main event

Josh LaBella – General Assignment Reporter Earl Hall started its yearly art crawl on Wednesday, March 29 to showcase the beautiful work that gets made by Southern artists, said art Professor Mia Brownell.  “We have such fabulous undergraduate creative activity in Earl Hall,” said Brownell, “and we want the Southern community to come see our art.” Brownell said the main

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Jewelry major expresses interest in all art forms

Josh LaBella – General Assignment Reporter Nick Graham said he has a lot of interests. Throughout his life he said he has done oil painting, cooking, fashion, face painting, photography and jewelry making. A transferring sophomore, Graham said he came to Southern Connecticut State University because he felt the art program had better teachers and better courses. He said decided

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