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Art crawl opens as precursor to main event

Josh LaBellaGeneral Assignment Reporter

Earl Hall started its yearly art crawl on Wednesday, March 29 to showcase the beautiful work that gets made by Southern artists, said art Professor Mia Brownell.

 “We have such fabulous undergraduate creative activity in Earl Hall,” said Brownell, “and we want the Southern community to come see our art.”

Brownell said the main event, which takes place on April 8 at 12:30 p.m., will showcase the many different mediums of art that Southern students work on throughout the semester. She said it will be a big event with food and professors giving demonstrations on different mediums.

“We are working with the Undergraduate Research Conference,” said Brownell. “We will have music being performed by Southern students and even a Taekwondo recital.”

Brownell said the layout will allow for visitors to see all the work being put out.

 “This is a true art crawl,” said Brownell, “as people will see student’s art all throughout the building as they walk through.”

Christina Immediato, a senior painting major, said she has one painting that is in the art crawl.

Senior painting major, Christina Immediato, stands in front of one of her paintings which is featured in the art crawl exhibit. Photo Credit: Josh LaBella


“The painting I have going up is a preview of what my senior show is going to be,” said Immediato.

Her series of paintings are about water and mental illness, said Immediato.

“I want to go into art therapy,” said Immediato. “That is what inspired me to do my paintings.

Immediato said she had never been to an art crawl before but her work was most likely featured in one.

Destiny Flores, a senior painting major, said one of three of her paintings is being featured in the crawl.

“My actual senior showing will be on April 20 in the Buley Gallery,” said Flores. “My paintings focus on women and turning them into goddesses. I was inspired by my mom because she had me a young age.”

According to Kim Reynolds, a junior nursing major, the art crawl is a cool opportunity for Southern students to have their work viewed by the public.

Junior nursing major, Kim Reynolds, poses for a photo next to a couple of her pieces that are in the art crawl exhibit. Photo Credit: Josh LaBella

“I’ve never been in anything like this before,” said Reynolds. “My oil paintings investigate the darker corners of history, myths and our hearts. They are supposed to leave normalcy behind and explore our relationships with these unsettling themes.”

Diana Cortavarra, a junior painting major, said she will be putting up two of her paintings in the art crawl.

“My two paintings in the crawl will be a pastel and an acrylic,” said Cortavarra.

She is still trying to find her artistic niche, said Cortavarra.

“My theme for my works this semester are exploration. I also and focusing on my Peruvian ethnicity,” said Cortavarra.

According to Cortavarra, every Southern student should come to the art crawl. She said it is an important time for people to learn about what Southern artists are doing all semester.

Cortavarra said she feels like art majors at Southern and the rest of the majors are two different groups of people and she wants everybody to come together.

“When I go into the Student Center I sometimes feel like an alien,” said Cortavarra. “Nobody understands Earl Hall except for those who work in it. It’s like our own little family. More people should come and share this experience with us.”

Photo Credit: Dylan Haviland – Managing Editor

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