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Art crawl opens as precursor to main event

Josh LaBella – General Assignment Reporter Earl Hall started its yearly art crawl on Wednesday, March 29 to showcase the beautiful work that gets made by Southern artists, said art Professor Mia Brownell.  “We have such fabulous undergraduate creative activity in Earl Hall,” said Brownell, “and we want the Southern community to come see our art.” Brownell said the main

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Self-taught musician hopes to help people through music

Natalie Accardi – Special to the Southern News   The hum of the fluorescent lights mixed with the twang of Holly Izzo’s Mexican-made Fender Stratocaster filled one of the practice rooms in Earl Hall. Izzo, a sophomore music major, said she began playing guitar with an EJ-160E acoustic named “Daisy” in high school. She said she’s been singing for far

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Junior chases his dream of starting a band

Dylan Havilland – Managing Editor Richard Francois, a junior and business management major, closed the piano and adjusted the thermostat to combat the hot temperature in a practice room in Earl Hall. As he made himself comfortable he unzipped his case and took out his black Ibanez Fr320 guitar, which he explained suited his preference towards metal. Leaning comfortably forward

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Senior ceramics major creates thought provoking work

Jessica Roginski – Online Editor Walking into Earl Hall, a large skeletal figure can be seen behind the glass of the right side display case. The sculpture stands with lifelike hips and vertebrae, contrasting with its seemingly youthful face and feet. The form stands tall and proud, but it’s face appears to hide expressions of longing or insecurity.   This

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Juliana DiMascia explores art through sculpting

Dylan Haviland – Managing Editor Juliana DiMascia, a junior psychology major, was cutting away at a white clay skull in ceramics sculpture. With meticulous care, she used her X-Acto knife to carve fine lines into the sculpture to slowly shape it into her desired image. “I just like to make make 3-D things, there is something tangible,” said DiMascia. Her

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Earl Hall Showcases Students Artwork

Emine G. Demir– Earl Hall Showcase Art department secretary Jackie Defrancesco said that Earl Hall’s showcase is a great way for students to put their name out there. “The showcase gets everyone else’s creativity flowing,” said Defrancesco, “giving others an idea.” Earl Hall is home to the art department and has two showcases on the first floor. The showcase displays

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