Juliana DiMascia explores art through sculpting

Dylan HavilandManaging Editor

Juliana DiMascia, a junior psychology major, was cutting away at a white clay skull in ceramics sculpture. With meticulous care, she used her X-Acto knife to carve fine lines into the sculpture to slowly shape it into her desired image.

“I just like to make make 3-D things, there is something tangible,” said DiMascia.

Her latest project is shaping up to be a skull with vine-like objects coming out of its mouth. DiMascia uses styrofoam tubes to support the intricate and delicate designs in the clay.

“It came from a self-portait point of view, it’s kind of how I just feel in general,” DiMascia said.


While art is not DiMascia’s major, she has taken several classes such as ceramics handbuilding and drawing I in the art department. The classes cover both electives and her passion for art, which is primarily sculpting.

One of the appeals with the ceramic classes in Earl Hall is the opportunity the workshop offers. She stated that while she could paint and draw anywhere, the classes offer her an opportunity to work with clay.

“If I was ever to do another studio art I would just stick with ceramics for life,” DiMascia said.

During her pursuit of ceramics she noted there is a bit of a learning curve. She listed the various factors that can contribute to a failed sculpture: working around the clay drying, chances of cracking and support if the sculpture is too large.

DiMascia recommended to have patience when completing a project.

“When I took ceramics handbuilding one, it definitely took some time to catch on,” DiMascia said. “Then I caught on and I’m doing things I didn’t think I’d ever do.”

Photo Credit: Dylan Haviland – Managing Editor


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