Earl Hall Showcases Students Artwork

Emine G. DemirEarl Hall Showcase

Art department secretary Jackie Defrancesco said that Earl Hall’s showcase is a great way for students to put their name out there.

“The showcase gets everyone else’s creativity flowing,” said Defrancesco, “giving others an idea.”

Earl Hall is home to the art department and has two showcases on the first floor. The showcase displays the works of students.

Defrancesco said that she hangs flyers in Earl Hall every semester to inform students of the chance to have their work displayed in the hallway. Defrancesco said the only rule is to have done the artwork during the student’s time at Southern. The flyers are not up for this semester said Defrancesco, but they will be up soon. The deadline for submissions will be posted on the flyers.

Defrancesco said she tries to change the exhibits every four to six weeks according to the number of submissions. Defrancesco said approximately eight students participate per year, and usually are art majors.

“Some students worry about getting their work displayed,” said Defrancesco.

Vanessa Braucci, a senior studio art ceramic major, said she heard of the showcase from Defrancesco and created two different art pieces, a larger painting named Lilith, inspired by a verse from the Alphabet of Ben Sirach. In the text, Lilith represents the first wife of Adam and refuses to lie beneath him by stating, “We are equal to each other as much as we were both created from the earth.”

“I was inspired by this notion,” said Braucci, “and wished to express it in a figure that was both subdued yet defiant, unbroken in the face of adversity.”

 The second piece, which is a large plaster, does not have a meaning instead the task was to replicate a shape Braucci. According to Braucci, the goal was to build a vertebra but there were complications such as how to support it and display it; as the plaster evolved so did the meaning.

“A melancholy figure that is unsure of her place or her form in this world,” said Braucci. “Which is a thought I believe many can empathize with.”

Rachel Farren, sophomore, said she feels motivated by the art displayed in the showcase. She said she feels challenged to find the moral in the artwork. Farren said the showcase promotes creativity and a form of expressing true feelings

“I enjoy walking into Earl Hall and immediately seeing the showcase,” said Farren.

For students like Braucci, the artwork sometimes can speak for itself.

“Since I am relatively quiet,” said Braucci. “The contrast of my work speaks volume and draws people in.”

Photo Credit: Palmer Piana – Photo Editor


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