Sports management major hopes to inspire others with art

Lynandro Simmons General Assignments Reporter

Osaro Eromosele said that art has always been a form of escape and a way for people to express themselves.

“I particularly love sculpting,” said Eromosele, a sophomore sports management major at Southern.

Though Eromosele majors in sports management, he chose to minor in art because of the influence it had on him growing up.

“Going on field trips and seeing work in museums really inspired me,” he said. “I knew I just wanted to do that type of stuff one day.”

The passion did not turn into actual work for Eromosele until he was a freshman in high school. Six years later he is still chasing his passion in college, he said. While sculpting, Eromosele loves to listen to music. This music provides the motivational soundtrack for him to complete his sculptures, he said.

“When I want to sculpt I usually listen to classical music,” said Eromosele. “I like Beethoven and Bach.”

Classical music provides inspiration for Eromosele, but he said when he starts a new sculpture he tries to keep an open mind. Sometimes looking at his previous sculptures also helps to provide inspiration, he said. Though Eromosele loves all his work, he also makes sure to look at older sculptures with a critical eye.

“I do this to see what I can improve on with my new sculptures,” said Eromosele.

However, there are times when Eromosele lacks motivation and inspiration. While working in class, he said, the strict guidelines can hamper his creative drive. Some art professors shoot down ideas before they even get off the ground, he said.

“In Southern I’m limited to the work I really want to do,” said Eromosele.

In spite of this, Eromosele said the numerous art history classes he took has provided him with a plethora of talented artists from the past. Learning about these artists – such as Vincent Van Gogh and Michelangelo – has helped him to learn about his craft more.

Though he does not like the lack of freedom in deciding what images to sculpt, he still finds ways to keep his creative drive working.

“Free time always gives me inspiration,” said Eromosele.

During this time he chooses to freely sculpt anything he can put his imagination to, he said. Doing this rejuvenates him whenever he has a creative block.

At one time Eromosele chose to keep his sculptures and artwork to himself, but he has recently become more open to sharing it. On social media platforms – like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat – he likes to show what he has recently worked on. This new-found confidence in his work came from another artist – his sister Sara.

Eromosele said his sister inspired him to be more forthcoming with his work. Now he wants his sculptures to provide the same type of inspiration for someone else, he said. By looking at his art, whether it is his sculptures or paintings, he wants future artists to be inspired to be as true to themselves as possible. Eromosele said that he hopes his work will live on beyond his time and not only inspire his peers, but even his future family to be true to themselves.

“I want my future kids to remember me as a great artist,” he said. “Maybe I can even inspire them to be artists too.”

Photo Credit: Lynandro Simmons – General Assignments Reporter

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