Sophomore tells about his artistic passion

Sherly Montes – Arts & Entertainment Editor

Jonathan Geraldino, a sophomore art education major, has been currently working in his art classes to draw and paint a still life portrait. Geraldino says he has been creating art ever since he was about the age of two.

“This is actually my first painting class in college,” said Geraldino. “I’m still learning a lot.”

Geraldino said that his favorite form of art is drawing because he loves to work with pencil and charcoal.

“I love the contrast with the two gradients, using black and white,” said Geraldino.

But aside from having a passion for art and drawing, Geraldino said he does not often have as much time as he would like to draw these days.

“It’s hard to draw because of school and work and family, so this painting and media techniques class is the time I enjoy the most because I can draw and paint and become one with my artistic self.”

Geraldino’s latest project consists of drawing and painting a still life portrait.

Geraldino's still life painting for his first painting class at Southern. Photo credit: Sherly Montes

Geraldino’s still life painting for his first painting class at Southern. Photo credit: Sherly Montes

The subject of the art is a table with a fruit, a blue glass vase and a tall bottle at the center of the drawing, and behind those to the left of the portrait are a yellow and brown vase. They are placed on top of what seems to be a red velvet sheet or blanket that works as the backdrop of the photo.

What is really incredible about this work is that the two glass vases in the painting look so realistic and glassy, almost as if you were able to see your reflection through the vase if you step close enough to it and push your nose up against it.

Geraldino’s still life portrait also does a good job of showing the light and dark shadows of the objects that are in the painting. It seems so realistic, as if you could reach out and grab the vase or the fruit or feel the velvety fabric of the table cloth.

“This drawing is something I’m really proud of. I was working on it for two weeks,” said Geraldino. “I worked on it before class and after school, and it took time because it had so many little details and I care so much about detail in my drawings and my paintings. I like to draw it exactly how I see it.”

Aside from just drawing and painting for himself, the goal Geraldino has set for himself is to teach art to students. Geraldino has expressed a major passion for what he does and that’s why he decided to major in art education.

“I want to teach art to all ages,” said Geraldino. “I don’t have a specific age I want to teach to. I was thinking of starting maybe with elementary, then middle school, then high school, and I don’t know— maybe become a professor. I want to work my way up.”

Photo Credit: Sherly Montes – Arts and Entertainment Editor

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