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Sports management major hopes to inspire others with art

Lynandro Simmons – General Assignments Reporter Osaro Eromosele said that art has always been a form of escape and a way for people to express themselves. “I particularly love sculpting,” said Eromosele, a sophomore sports management major at Southern. Though Eromosele majors in sports management, he chose to minor in art because of the influence it had on him growing

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Senior ceramics major creates thought provoking work

Jessica Roginski – Online Editor Walking into Earl Hall, a large skeletal figure can be seen behind the glass of the right side display case. The sculpture stands with lifelike hips and vertebrae, contrasting with its seemingly youthful face and feet. The form stands tall and proud, but it’s face appears to hide expressions of longing or insecurity.   This

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Sophomore tells about his artistic passion

Sherly Montes – Arts & Entertainment Editor Jonathan Geraldino, a sophomore art education major, has been currently working in his art classes to draw and paint a still life portrait. Geraldino says he has been creating art ever since he was about the age of two. “This is actually my first painting class in college,” said Geraldino. “I’m still learning a

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Student finds relief in making wire art

Kaitlyn Regan – Special to the Southern News Justin Farmer, political science and biology major, said art is a way for him to release his body’s tension. Farmer said he has Tourette Syndrome and in order to release tension, his body will do different things. “I’ll say nonsensical words; I’ll make weird movements,” he said. “I’ll also curse. I have mechanical tics,

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Juliana DiMascia explores art through sculpting

Dylan Haviland – Managing Editor Juliana DiMascia, a junior psychology major, was cutting away at a white clay skull in ceramics sculpture. With meticulous care, she used her X-Acto knife to carve fine lines into the sculpture to slowly shape it into her desired image. “I just like to make make 3-D things, there is something tangible,” said DiMascia. Her

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