Inked Canvas: Special education student talks about her Lion King tattoo

Caterina Poletti is a sophomore at SCSU and majors in special education. Photo Credit: Dylan Haviland

Dylan Haviland – General Assignment Reporter 

Caterina Poletti is a sophomore at Southern Connecticut State University and is majoring in special education, she is applying to the education program soon. Her favorite movie is Disney’s “The Lion King.”

How many tattoos do you have?
Poletti: I have two.

Can you tell me about them?
Poletti: Well first I got the puzzle piece tattoo and that’s for my brother, it has two different colors: blue and red. The blue represents Autism Speaks and the red is his favorite color and it has his initials under it. And it just represents my love for him, me and my oldest brother Alex pretty much have the same tattoo so we got it just for him.

Does he have it on his forearm also?
Poletti: Alex has it on his shoulder blade.

What’s the other tattoo?
Poletti: My other tattoo is from the movie “The Lion King” it’s my favorite movie and it has Simba and says “Remember Who You Are.” The quote is the last thing my mom said to me before I went to college. It just means don’t forget where you came from and because you are in a different environment don’t change who you are.

Do you ever encounter problems with your tattoos being visible on your arms?
Poletti: I do because I’m applying to be a special education teacher so obviously being a teacher you want to hide the tattoos. But since they are on my forearms they will be visible so I have to be careful not to just show them all the time.


So you have to wear long sleeves?
Poletti: Yes, and for other jobs apart from teaching I have to wrap my arms because they are not allowed to show tattoos.

What do you feel about that?
Poletti; I feel like they should be able to show them because it’s part of who you are, it’s part of what you represent so I feel like anyone should show whatever tattoos they have depending on the place.

Have you ever faced anything negative with having tattoos?
Poletti: Not so much with my brother’s puzzle piece but the lion I have because people thought it was unoriginal and people thought that it was cliché to get a Disney tattoo. Honestly I don’t care, because it’s my body it’s not going on anybody else’s but mine.

Plans for new tattoos?
Poletti: I actually do, I think towards the end of the semester I am getting my last and final tattoo on my ankle, and it’s going to be the quote, “Carpe Diem” from “Dead Poets Society.” Carpe diem means ‘seize the day’ in Latin and it means to just live in the moment.



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