Gym can wait: officials advise students to comply with travel bans in bad weather

Jossinet Ramos VeraSpecial to the Southern News                                                                                                                          

From improving one’s mood, to controlling one’s weight, the benefits of working out are without a doubt substantial, but when driving conditions are less than optimal, the risks of leaving the house to hit the gym can overshadow the benefits of the actual workout.

Icy roads and low visibility are only two of the many hazards drivers may encounter when they venture out during storms. While travel bans are sometimes put into place, some individuals may ignore warnings and get on the road just to avoid missing a workout. To say this is a bad idea would be an understatement.

“It is very important that our students obey these driving bans, as they are not put in place lightly, ” said Deputy Chief Phillip Pessina. “ When they are instituted it is because of severe driving conditions which lends to limited sight visibility and jeopardizes the safety of the motorist.”

Refusing to comply with travel bans can turn out to be disastrous, that is why it is imperative for students not only to

Wait for roads to be cleared to head to the gym.

Wait for roads to be cleared to head to the gym.

understand the significance of these bans but to take them seriously. Students who put themselves in harm’s away in order to keep up with their fitness routine are in a way defeating the purpose of a workout. There is no point in exercising and maintaining physical fitness if one is willing to put their life on the line so naively.

“Students should  re-evaluate the goals of why they are committed to their exercise and workouts, which I believe is to keep a healthy lifestyle of their still developing bodies, rather than risk it all and jeopardize their and others safety, when they make a hasty decision, ” said Deputy Chief Pessina.

But being unable to visit a fitness facility does not mean one has to skip out on the entire workout. There are many at-home exercises that can be done to keep up with a fitness routine.

“You do not want to risk injury to yourself just to go workout when you can have a light day at your house just by doing push-ups or sit-ups, ” said Matt Maisto, a sophomore and sports management major who also works at the SCSU Fitness Center.

On the other hand, for an individual who works out daily, missing a workout would not have a great impact on his or her fitness regime.

“Generally speaking, there would be minimal effect for a person to miss a workout,” said Professor Gary Morin, who is also the program director of the athletic training education program.

“A bigger issue would be the proverbial risk versus benefit scenario. Would the benefit of completing the exercise outweigh the potential catastrophic result of an accident while driving in bad weather? Answer, No, ” he said.

Exercising is an important part of life, but it is not more important than life itself. There is no need to risk injuring yourself or others for the sake of a workout. If driving conditions are dangerous, do not venture out.  Instead of taking unnecessary risks try working out at home or just enjoy the day off. It all comes down to safety, and as Deputy Chief Pessina said, safety, “ is paramount.”

Photo Credit: Jossinet Ramos Vera

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