Modest Mouse returns with new album: Strangers to Ourselves

Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk

Dylan Haviland – General Assignment Reporter 

The year was 2007, G.W. Bush was in the final years of his presidency, the first Transformer film hit the shelves and both indie and mainstream audiences were still feeling the vibe of Modest Mouse’s album, “Good News for People Who Love Bad News.”

The album itself was full of frontman Isaac Brock’s cryptic lyrics that delivered an exceptionally catchy rhythm.  Brock was able to demonstrate his knack for diversity with a strong mix of banjo, violin and trumpets thrown into an indie rock mix.

The album was a landmark achievement for the Washington based band, securing a comfortable notch in mainstream media with radio time and a Grammy nomination for Best Alternative Music Album.

It was in the aftermath of Good News, where Brock released his fifth studio album “We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank.”  We Were Dead received commercial success similar to Good News and featured a rich track of nautical themed hits that explored the value humans place on life.

Listen to the album on Spotify here.

The album contained several popular tracks that kept Brock in contact with mainstream audiences, especially with the single “Dashboard,” a catchy beat with a flashing lights feel.

The indie band’s release of Good News and We Were Dead in the 2000s gained an unexpected amount of fame and attention.

In retrospect, We Were Dead was released eight years ago and with the exception of the EP “No One’s First and You’re Next” in 2009, audiences have yet to hear a new album.

While there was a lack of new content music wise Brock managed to keep in contact with his fan base.  The band participated in several world tours and music festivals, pairing up with prominent bands like Brand New.

In addition, they reissued on vinyl their first two albums, “This Is a Long Drive With Nothing to Think About” and “The Lonesome Crowded West.”  The two albums are staples to indie music in the 90s were Brock established his band as talented musicians.

During a long span of time though it remained evident that the band was keeping quiet about any future projects.

It was not until the beginning of Dec., 2014 that Brock released the single track “Lampshades on Fire” to audiences everywhere.  The track offers a slick and well produced preview into the new album.  A song with strong vocal harmonies from Brock and a background choir signaling off at the end.

“Lampshades on Fire” is the first track to be featured from the newest album Modest Mouse plans on releasing.

In a span of years without new music, Modest Mouse had finally revealed their newest project, the album “Strangers to Ourselves.”  The album is scheduled for release in early March, in both CD and vinyl format.

There are high hopes amongst the music community for the reception of the newest album, with Brock having a long history of excellent reviews and acclaim.  The latest album We Were Dead received a modest 7.8 review on by Rob Mitchum.  As of Dec. 16 the single ranked number ten on on alternative songs.

The new year offers a chance for artists to explore their boundaries and release new material into the world.  The upcoming album could be a new chance for Brock to submerge himself into new audiences and reception.

Editor’s note: The headline was changed from “Good News for People Who Love Bad News” to “Strangers to Ourselves”


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