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Everything I Wanted Billie Eilish

Ellie Sherry — Reporter This past Wednesday, Billie Eilish released her first song since dropping her debut in March of this year. The song is entitled “Everything I Wanted.” The song was written because she had a nightmare where she killed herself and no one cared, cried or was sad about her death. She then tributes her brother in the chorus, who

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Frank Ocean’s short and sweet singles explore new territory

Jackson Volenec — Reporter Frank Ocean released a new single called “In My Room,” following up his other recently released single called “DHL,” two tracks that are exploring new sonic territory for him. Ocean has been one of the most influential artists of the 2010s, as he had quickly established a name for himself and rose to the top seemingly

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Surprise EP ‘Feet of Clay’ reflects a new unique style

Jackson Volenec — Reporter Rapper Earl Sweatshirt has released the surprise EP “Feet of Clay,” following his critically acclaimed album release last year “Some Rap Songs,” featuring seven tracks and 15 total minutes of runtime. Earl Sweatshirt is an artist who rose to prominence in the wave of hype from the influential music group Odd Future, being one of the

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Kanye West disappoints with delayed album drop

Jackson Volenec — Reporter Kanye West released his highly anticipated album “Jesus Is King” on Oct. 25, releasing several months after the date he had originally stated on social media. Kanye has consistently been on the forefront of headlines and celebrity tabloids for years, as he has consistently garnered media attention whenever he feels like it. For his most recent album

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Review: Odom’s single ‘Under Pressure’ inspired by mentors and movies

Jacob Waring — Online Editor Rarely does music nowadays function as a synchronized dance between the vocalist and the musical elements embedded within a song. However, “Under Pressure” by Leslie Odom Jr is exactly that. “Under Pressure” dropped on Sept. 13 and will be one of the songs featured in Odom’s upcoming album, “Mr,” that’s dropping in November. His light

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